In this episode Christy and Rob discuss:

  • The gap between now-you and pure potentiality 
  • Changing your perspective on reality
  • Bridging the gap and realizing your full potential

Key Takeaways: 

  • Contrast, discontent, or dissatisfaction is caused by there being a gap between the you that you’re currently expressing and the you that exists as pure potentiality. 
  • Everything is made up of energy. You can’t change your life simply by moving matter around, but by summoning energy through attention and intention. 
  • To realize your full potential, allow yourself to think about, imagine, connect with and give gratitude for the most beautiful, self-expressed, abundant, joyful version of you. 

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“There’s no limit to our potentiality. There’s no limit to the amount of happiness we can experience. There’s no limit to how much laughter love excitement, and satisfaction, we can feel. The universe is unendingly abundant, which means that it has the ability to yield to us whatever we want to experience, whatever experiences we even desire.” – Christy Whitman


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