tapping into your feminine energy

Tapping into your feminine energy is the key to releasing – and preventing the accumulation of – negativity and pain. When we’re connected to our divine feminine, we are aligned with the energy that creates and sustains all things.

The world in which we live is made up of opposing – and deeply complementary – energies. First, there is the tangible, manifested world of form, of objects and structures.

This is the 3-dimensional world where evidence of all that is manifested can be measured and observed. In this world, productivity, purpose, and ambition are viewed as the gold standard for getting things done.

The already-manifested world is governed by masculine energy. Masculine energy is the force behind all that can be created through determination, willpower, and physical and mental strength. And that’s a beautiful thing! However, if masculine energy is not balanced by the opposing force of the feminine, it can spiral into competition, fear, negativity, and fatigue.

Feminine energy orchestrates the unseen, unmanifested realms of creation. It’s the birthplace of ideas and inspiration. The feminine aspect of life is the fertile field of consciousness from which everything arises. This is the wellspring of vitality, renewal, and replenishment we all return to every night when we sleep. In fact, in ancient healing cultures, sleep has been called “the wet nurse of the world.” Mother Earth herself is a manifestation of feminine energy.

The difference between masculine and feminine energy can be understood in the same way we understand the difference between power and force. With force, we can accomplish many things, but only a finite number. Over time we grow exhausted and need replenishment.

In our divine feminine, we’re tapped into a much higher power – the same power that governs the moon and the sun and the tides.

Connecting with our divine feminine allows us as women to transcend our own personal limitations. We no longer define ourselves by our past, our “poor me” stories, or our 20 extra pounds.

In this level of consciousness, we can connect with the energetic essence of anything that we desire. And through the power of our attention, we can bring it from the unmanifested world into full manifestation.

Every single thing your heart desires exists, right now, in the unmanifested realm. Masculine energy asks questions like, “What form will it take?” or “When will I see evidence of it?”

Feminine energy knows that these are not questions that we as humans need to answer. It is not our job to figure out the exact route the fulfillment of our desires will take. In fact, the joyful lives we are all seeking may come through avenues that in this moment we don’t even know exist.

Connecting to our feminine gives us access to a much broader perspective. It is not logical, but highly intuitive. In it, we come to trust that the universe holds a bird’s eye view of our lives and can orchestrate far greater outcomes than we can envision for ourselves. Our only job is to embody the energy of what we desire and to allow this frequency to strengthen within us. In this state of complete receptivity, we are released from all negativity and fear.

What follows are 3 daily practices that you can use to tap into the awesome power of your latent feminine energy:

Practice #1: Empty your mind.

Masculine pursuits are all about the attainment of possessions, positions, theories and conclusions. When we consciously create with the feminine, we don’t focus on attaining, but on receptivity. The divine feminine understands that all we desire already exists, in abundance, in its energetic form. Our only job is to attune ourselves to this energy.

By sitting quietly to quiet your mind, you become aware of the spaces between your thoughts. This space is not actually empty, but pregnant with possibility. Stilling your mind of its lists and goals, you make yourself receptive to all the joyful life experiences that are waiting for you. And in that quiet space, your emotional body also becomes still.

Practice #2: Connect to your breath.

Movement is the essence of feminine energy. While masculine energy is fixed and sometimes rigid, feminine energy circulates and flows.

Your breath is literally the link between the physical and non-physical. As long as you are breathing, you are connected to the life force that sustains all things. The moment you stop breathing, you exist only in the non-physical realm.

Use your breath and body to strengthen your connection to life force itself. Notice how the rhythm of your breath mirrors the movements of nature. Allow it to move freely like the winds and the tide. Bring the vitality that your breath makes available to you into every part of your body. Feel it vitalize and restore you.

Practice #3: Seek Alignment.

To manifest anything in the tangible world requires only one thing. We must be energetically aligned with the essence of what we desire.

Call forth something that you desire, whether it’s a material object or a state of being. Now, imagine that this desire has already been fulfilled.

How would you feel? Joyful? Expansive? Powerful? Abundant?

Whatever the essence of your desire, allow yourself to align with it at is core, energetic, emotional level. Feel its essence in your heart. Connect to the feeling of it in your belly. Allow the vibration of this energy to permeate your body and radiate out through every pour of your being.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit WatchYourWords.com and gain access to a free 30-day training.

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