In January it rained in Arizona for what seemed like two weeks, which is very rare for Arizona at that time of the year.

And instead of feeling frustrated that it was raining, like most people were, I remained grateful that I was in Arizona and not in Montreal where it was below zero and snowing.

Because I was maintaining the space of gratitude and really appreciating where I was, regardless of the rain, every time I had to get in or out of my car or go anywhere it would stop raining.

The weather was completely cooperating with me. I would go to exercise class and from the time I walked from the car to the building it was not raining. But then when I would get into the building it would start raining. And as soon as I came out of the building to go back to my car, it would stop raining again.

We even went into a furniture store to pick up something for our new home, and when we walked in it was not raining. While we were in the store it was hailing and heavy rain. And then, right when we left the store, it stop raining. As a deliberate creator you can intend what you want in your life, and that includes the weather.

Universe knows what my preferences are and that I prefer to have it rain when I’m inside.

I remember years ago when I first moved to Montreal. Frederic and I had built our first home together. My parents were coming for a visit and we didn’t have landscaping in our front yard, and it looked pretty bad. So I intended for it to snow. I intended it to snow so that the whole entire front lawn would be covered in white. After minutes of making this intention, it started to snow (amazing) and it didn’t stop for a full two days. We got a record amount of snow for that time of year in Montreal. And then Frederic asked me stop with the snow! So I said OK, you can stop snowing now. And it did (amazing again).

Days later, before my parents were coming to town, a work crew put in a streetlamp right in front of our house, and they had to excavate the snow to do it. This once again revealed the mud, and it did not look nice in front of our house. So I intended for more snow, and it snowed.

Another time we went to Chicago and it was supposed to rain all weekend, which would destroy our plans of going to the zoo and doing all the outside fun things like walking to the restaurant for dinner. I made an intention that it would rain when it was convenient for us, and it did. It rained at night when we did not need to be outside. It rained while I was in my exercise class and stopped when I left. It started to rain when we met my cousin for dinner and it rained the entire time (for two hours) while we were in the restaurant. When we walked outside to leave, my cousin said to me “Oh no, it’s raining.” I replied, “No, it rained.”

So how do you work with the weather as a deliberate creator? First of all, that’s where The Law of Detachment comes in. I have many more stories just like this, and in every instance I was completely detached from the outcome. If it did rain, it wasn’t going to mess up my day. I did not allow the rain to determine my mood, and I remained appreciative for the situation and circumstances.

I have also had times when it did rain, like Maxim’s last birthday party, and I was not happy. I had a bouncy house rented, and with the hard rain that came down, in my mind I thought “the birthday party will be ruined!” I was anxious and frustrated that my intention did not come through. Well, I was attached to the outcome and let it affect my mood. Maxim had a great birthday party and the rain did not affect him or how much fun he had at the party. The difference was that I got hooked and attached to what needed to happen in order for me to be okay.

Intend for what you want. Get Clear. And you do this by noticing contrast in your life and then asking yourself, “What do I want instead?”

And simply intend for what you do want, speaking in positive terms.

Remember “don’t, not and no” only bring you more of what you DON’T want, because the focus is on the NOT having, but that’s still the focus. Instead of “I don’t want it to rain” which keeps you focused on what you don’t want, say “if it needs to rain then I would appreciate if it was convenient to me. When I walk out or into my car, I would like it to be clear.”

Start practicing this in all aspects of your life, and you will be amazed!

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