The powerful process of acceptance

Good Morning Texas Interview
January 22, 2019
The Healing Event
February 6, 2019

Today’s Quantum Success Show is with one of my favorite transformational leaders and friends, Arielle Ford.

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We share in this interview so much on acceptance:

When you have negative, angry, toxic thoughts you not only create negative things, you actually affect your biology.

“Ride the horse in the direction it is going” by Werner Erhard

How do I be with what is, and also be in the process of movement?

Difference between approval and acceptance.

And so much more…

And even with a barking dog in the background, we accepted and moved on:)

Enjoy your day, and I hope this makes it brighter and better for you.

“In this moment, I have everything that I need.”

Much love,


P.S. Next week we talk about ending upside down thinking with a special guest that visited me in the studio.

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