QSS 4 | Perfect Day Meditation


Meditation helps us to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and balanced state. If you’re into meditations, we encourage you to join us as Christy conducts a five-part series of the different types of meditations. In this first of five parts, she leads us into the “creating your perfect day” meditation, a great meditation to set the energy for your day and to deliberately design how you want your day to go.

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Creating Your Perfect Day Meditation

I’m going to be doing a series of meditations for you. If you like these meditations, you’re welcome to join us as well. It’s a private group. We’re going to be doing different meditations. The first one that we’re going to be doing is called creating your perfect day. This is a meditation to set the energy for your day, to deliberately design how you want your day to go. I invite you to close your eyes as I take you into the meditation. You can take a nice deep breath in and let it out. You’re beginning to wake up now to create yourself for the day, coming from the world of the night into the world of the day. As you’re waking up, take a moment to remember your dreams. Are there any feelings or thoughts or messages that you’d like to carry forward from the world of your dreams to bring them into your conscious mind and to pay attention? Take a moment to remember your dreams. As the day unfolds, you will remember any significant dreams easily.

Start to call light to yourself by asking light to come with the intention to do so. More light starts to surround you starting the day with light. Imagine standing under a sparkling waterfall of light, cleansing and purifying your energy. You’re going to create a light-filled day and at the end, you will have even more light and radiance than you have right now. As you call light to you, imagine in your mind’s eye making a path from where you are to the end of now. See yourself getting ready for bed, putting yourself back in your bed at the end of the day and seeing your whole day from now until that time filled with light. See yourself growing brighter and brighter and more light-filled with each moment of the day, sending light to the day so that you will meet light throughout the day. Knowing that now is filled with light, you will focus on your higher purpose.

Think of your day now. What is the most important thing that you’re doing now? What is the higher purpose of your day? See yourself creating this higher purpose. Send light to yourself as you do. Imagine yourself creating this higher purpose joyfully, having fun, doing it effortlessly and doing it from a state of concentration, mindfulness, wisdom and being alert and aware of what you’re doing as you do it. You will make a commitment an even greater commitment to your life’s work, to your path and mission here and to whatever is next for you on this path. What is next may be an understanding, a greater perspective or a specific action. You will deepen your commitment to your highest path. You will become even more focused and aware of those activities that are creating your higher good. You will increase them. You’ll feel very alert now. It’ll be easy to concentrate on what you do. You will observe a new level of focus on yourself. Whenever you do something, you will do it knowing the easiest and most efficient way to do it.

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New Ideas will pour into your mind, creative ideas. Now is a day of expansion. Now is a day of increasing your power. Think of those things that you’re going to be doing now and that you’re doing now that truly expand and increase your sense of personal power, your sense of self-love. See yourself, visualize yourself doing at least one or two things that expand you now. See yourself enjoying doing those things as you look at them and enjoy them. Now, you will do at least one thing to nurture and love your inner child. Allow your inner child to show you a picture right now of what it would like now that would be nurturing and loving to your inner child. Trust whatever picture comes inside of your mind and see yourself doing it. Now, you will do very nurturing and loving things to your body. Taking care of your physical needs, the food you put in your mouth, movement, exercise. Ask your physical body what it would like now and make a picture of yourself carrying out this lovingly and happily now.

Imagine calling to yourself wonderful, high vibrational food and open to receive wonderful nurturing food of a high vibration into your body now. Food that nurtures you deep within and helps you build finer matter into your physical body. Is there some food your body would like now? You will follow the flow from moment to moment. Before you do anything, you will stop, tune in and you will become aware of your feelings, your desires and your wishes. You will do those activities that call your heart. You know what they are and you stay in the higher flow. Now is a flowing day. Things come to you effortlessly. Everything gets done more easily than you even imagined. To see yourself at the end of the day feeling wonderful about the day, pleased with yourself, nurtured on many levels.

You will be your higher self even more. You will hear and listen to that inner guidance within you. You will follow an act upon your inner messages. You will do those things that recharge you and that make you feel alive. We’ll open and receive from the universe. Feel yourself opening up and say to yourself, “I now receive my higher good.” This is also the affirmation for now so say that to yourself a couple of times feeling it as you say it inside your body, “I now receive my higher good.” Going from your head, “I now receive my higher good,” into your heart, feeling it in your heart’s center. “I now receive my higher good,” and then bringing it into your power center. “I now receive my higher good.” Many good things will come to you now. You feel cheerful waves of happiness come through your body and your mind. Moments of appreciation or moments you have all day now. There’s a sense of rhythm. You pace yourself now nurturing to yourself.

QSS 4 | Perfect Day Meditation

Perfect Day Meditation: Staying in your center means not being reactive to things, situations, and people when they do things that are of contrasting experience to your choices.


Think of several things that you can do now that are nurturing, that are loving to yourself and you do those things that give you energy when you do them. Even though you may need to put energy into them, the things you do now give you more energy back than the energy you put into them. Exercise is one of those things. See yourself now getting the right amount of movement and physical exercise. Notice your breathing. Picture yourself stopping and taking a deep breath now and then. With that deep breath, you connect upward and inward to your higher self, remembering who you are and finding your center. Now is a day of breathing in a relaxed, comfortable way of opening the breath to allow more life force energy to flow through your body. Picture yourself with a breath that revitalizes and opens you up to a higher amount of energy.

Notice your posture. You will be aware of your posture. You’ll adjust your posture to allow your spine to be upright and for energy to flow easily up and down your spine. Your posture will become more confident. You will notice the placement of your shoulders. You will notice how you stand and sit and you will move with grace and ease, a fluidity that’s even more beautiful than normal. As you wake up to the gracefulness of your body. You will be calm and stay in your center, picturing the things you need to do now and see yourself doing them with a focus and calm. With awareness and inner place, imagine yourself doing this now, thinking of situations and staying in your center. Staying in your center is not being reactive to things, situations and people when they do things that are of contrasting experience to you. Choices we have are the choices of the emotions we have in every given moment. You will attract what you react to. The more reaction that you have on unwanted things and things that come your way, the more you will attract more of the same to you.

See yourself staying in your center. See yourself not getting knocked off or choosing to stay calm, to stay connected to yourself now. See yourself moving through the day with a smile on your face. That smile put a smile on your face right now. That smile is a reflection of an inner note of joy. You embrace the universe, you embrace life and you’re radiating unconditional love to others. You will be loving to yourself and others. Notice that every day, you send out a certain amount of love. You will send out even more deliberately. See yourself being loving now, even more loving, even more expansive. See yourself doing at least one thing now for the pure play and the joy and the fun of it. Not for any other reasons, but to have fun and enjoy. You love your thoughts and your feelings. You’re aware of your feelings now. No matter what you think or what you feel, you send love to your feelings and thoughts knowing that as you love them. They transform into their higher expression.

You are balanced now. There’s a rhythm, calmness, centeredness about you now. You live in the present moment and everything you do, you do with attention and precision. You feel focused and mentally alert. You accept miracles and good things into your life. You accept abundance now. You feel love and abundance coming to you from the universe, from everywhere. Unexpected gifts, surprises, miracles are your stay as you create your wonderful and perfect day. Now, you’re going to wake up having wonderful energy, clear insights, focused mind, playful, joyful, loving. A day that is filled with light as you create your higher purpose and stay in your center. Starting to wake up your body, feeling wonderful, having energy, vision and focus as you wake up fully awake, stretching your body. Do a big stretch all over your body, waking your fingers and your toes, breathing energy and breath and joy into your body as you wake up and create your perfect day.

I hope you enjoyed that. As you go about your day-to-day and you see in your mind’s eye what you saw in that meditation what you deliberately created for yourself, stop and celebrate yourself because you created that. As you’re having those moments of deep appreciation, as you’re sensing more love in your life, as you have those surprises and delights in those small miracles or big miracles come to you now, celebrate you and who you are. Everything is energy. By doing this energetic meditation, by guiding the energy, you will create it in your life because everything is energy and we are the directors of that energy. This is really what you did. I appreciate all of you being here. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful, perfect light-filled.

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