Do You Have Subpersonalities? Try this Meditation to Find Wholeness & Peace

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March 1, 2019
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March 4, 2019

Of course you do…

We all do!

What is a subpersonality?

A subpersonality is a just a small part of your personality that has been created to help or support you in some way.

Some of these subpersonalities work with you in creating what you desire, and others work against you to attempt to protect you from what you don’t want.

Subpersonality work is a powerful process of change.


As you bring in all this light, light stimulates all the parts of your being. It is important to bring your personality along, for you will find as you work with many parts of your personality, that these parts ARE trying, the best way they know how, to help you.

What you will be doing is giving them a new role, a new vision of who you are.

Then they can work with you toward your new goal.

This way all the parts of yourself are flowing energy and focusing on what you DO want and not on what you DON’T want.

Otherwise we experience “split energy” and that causes frustration, overwhelm and confusion.

Enjoy this guided process to help you get more internally aligned and to become a Quantum Energy Master.

Much love,


P.S. Next week I will share another meditation to help you let go of things you no longer want in your energy field so you can create space for something new.

P.S.S. I have a webinar, actually a Master Class coming up on the 19th of the month to help you attract endless energy, focus, clarity and more abundance and prosperity by becoming a Quantum Energy Master. Join today!

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