Finding career path that you love is a form of creative self-expression where you are in co-creation with your divine self. Oftentimes, we get stuck in a career that doesn’t resonate with us, with who we really are. What does it take to get out of this trap and thrive where our passion and purpose meet. It’s all about essence and energy and it comes with a responsibility on our part. Listen in as Christy Whitman brings in The Council to give you all the information about this.

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The Energy Vortex with Christy & The Council

Finding The Career Path You Love

If you’re wanting to find a career path that you love, I’m going to bring in The Council to give you all the information.

We are here. The key and the pathway to finding a career path that you love, a form of creative self-expression where you are in co-creation with your divine self. It is first important that you decide how you want to feel in this career. For example, if you’re feeling you’re missing something in your current career, or you feel like you’ve already ended your lifetime career and you’re looking for something else, what’s important for you to do is to think about the essence. Years ago, Christy didn’t feel that she was passionate about being a pharmaceutical sales representative. She wanted to feel that what she did as a career she was passionate about and she felt on purpose with.

She started to cultivate the feeling of passion and purpose. This became her daily meditation on that frequency and essence. In very short after because she was in alignment with that flow of energy, it was revealed to her, her first book, which then led her to speaking, coaching and led her to do what she’s doing as a channeler. All of it evolved over time, but she constantly brought in and continued to expand into the essence of passion and purpose. For you, it might be prosperity, success, or fulfillment, but figure out. If you had your ideal career, whether you’ve already had 5 or 10, it doesn’t matter whether you are retired or you are creating it from the beginning, wanting to have something that you feel aligned with your life’s purpose that you can do as creative self-expression. Find the essence of it.

Think in that way. If you were in a job, even if you had a business that you don’t know the form, the essence, how would you be thinking in passion and purpose? How would you be feeling? What actions would you be taking? Energy is everything, dear one. You are in a vibrational universe. Most people hear this and get this as a concept, but when you direct it towards some area of your life, like a career where you are wanting to feel a certain way to become a vibrational match to that which you don’t even know. Christy had no idea that there was even coaching, being an author available when she was a pharmaceutical rep, wanting to have passion and purpose in her career. The form will take form when the essence is there.

Find the essence of what you desire in any aspect of your life, specifically in your career choice. As you practice the essence of it and you get that inspiration to take any action, to research something, to look into something, to do something, that’s your physical responsibility. You have energy responsibility, which is non-physical, and then your physical responsibility, which is your responsibility as the physical unit. As you take those actions, feeling the essence of what you desire, you too will find yourself in a career that knocks your socks off. Enjoy your day, dear one, and enjoy the essence of your desires. Be well.

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