I have some exciting news.

After 10 years of creating content on my YouTube channel for The Quantum Success Show, I have the desire to continue to share great and valuable content for you, but now in a podcast.

If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, it is actually very easy, portable, and you can listen while you are working out, exercising, or cleaning the house.

I will be creating a very simple video to show you where you can access the content. And yes, you can still listen to it on my website as well.

The Desire Factor Podcast will be launching this month, on the 19th. And you will love this information and experience of the show.

Just like I wrote (with The Council) in The Desire Factor, is what this 3rd to last Quantum Success Show is all about…

We must nurture the relationship with our desires.

So I am following that guidance closely towards this new desire.

nurturing relationship with desires

Get excited. You will love this. It is created especially for you.

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council

The Desire Factor Bonuses