Well, this show is definitely one to end a decade of shows on.

It is essential to understand your energy and how to bring the light to any situation or relationship, instead of being influenced by the lower level vibrational energy.

And I just want to thank you for watching each of these shows, your feedback, love and trust.

This show has meant a lot to me, and I hope it has helped you.

We now will be broadcasting on The Desire Factor Podcast and will share a video on how to find it so you can take advantage of all the great resources and information.

You will have a variety of types of shows to choose from:

-Short 6 minute shows we call “Quickies”

-30-60 minute shows with experts/influencers

-10-20 minute shows of me teaching on the aspects of consciousness, emotional intelligence, vibrational medicine, 7 Essential Universal Laws, Watching Your Words, How to heal from lack to abundance, practical guidance and application of high vibe concepts, and so much more.

-Meditations (20 min)

Of course, you can always come to my website and listen to the podcast!

Thank you again! This is an ending and a beginning. As The Council says, “Transition is happening all the time. Embrace and enjoy it.”

You are Infinitely loved:)

Christy & The Council