Quantum Success Show: Steps in Manifesting What You Desire

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March 15, 2018
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March 26, 2018
The Quantum Success Show: Steps in Manifesting What You Desire

Sometimes when something we want isn’t happening, or isn’t happening according to the timeline that we’d prefer for it to unfold, it can get pretty tempting to feel like we’re doing something wrong; that we’re failing as deliberate creators – or, worst of all – that the universe doesn’t love us or that we aren’t worthy of having all that we desire.

In my own life, I had this experience recently. Something that I really, really wanted was slow in coming (3 years, to be exact!), and in those initial days when I first became aware that it wasn’t going to happen, it seemed like something had gone very wrong. Only in hindsight have I come to realize the perfection of the timing of its unfolding, and my faith that the universe always has our backs has been further strengthened.

On today’s Quantum Success Show, I share this real life experience as the basis for understanding a powerful universal law: We can only receive what we are vibrationally ready for. If the vibration of our human personality is not up to speed with the vibration of the God force that seeks to manifest itself through the fulfillment of our desire, the universe will cleverly orchestrate what seem like backslides in the moment in order to bring us into alignment.

Know that the universe is always yielding you everything that you are, in any given moment, ready to receive. If what you want has not yet made its way into your experience, it only means that YOU are still in the process of defining and refining what it is that you truly desire.

We can’t manifest when we are full of resistance, and sometimes we are unaware of the strength of our resistance until we have the experience of not getting something we want.
In this and in every moment, all that you desire is available to you, and in today’s segment, I will share some keys that will support you in releasing resistance and becoming more open to receive.


P.S. Next week I share a great process to help you manifest what you desire. Be sure to tune in.

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