Happy New Year!

What do you declare this year to be for yourself? 

In order to manifest like we are intended to, we must take what we don’t want and get clear on what we do want. 

This process is turning your contrast in life into desires. 

The Council and I share this important message so you can be masterful of your energy, manifestations, and life. 



Thank you for being in my community. 

If you have not watched or listened to the New Year’s Eve Meditation, I highly recommend that you do. I have been doing this process with my community for 15 years now, and the results are amazing. Click here for the New Year’s Meditation Replay.

Now that The Council does them, they blow me away! Enjoy!

You are infinitely loved,

Christy & The Council

P.S. We are in the middle of the 7-Day Vice Freedom Challenge. You still have time to watch the last few days as well as join us live in a few hours. Also, to join in for the rest of this week. This is your opportunity to unlock your full potential by seeking to remove the vices holding you back from abundance. Go here to register now.