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Are your manifestations not coming? There’s nothing wrong with you; you just need to do better with the manifesting process. Standing right on the Sedona Vortex, Christy Whitman answers this question that keeps coming up here and there. She stresses the importance of being what you want to receive from life and vibrating that energy to bring it in. There is no doubt that you can manifest what you truly desire. All it takes is to learn how to attract it the right way!

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What Holds You Back From Your Manifestations?

We are here in the middle of Sedona in one of the places that are a vortex of energy. It is the perfect time to bring down this information to help you manifest better. One of the questions that Christy and the council get on a continuous basis is, why aren’t my things manifesting what I want? We have to say that you need to be that which you want to attract. Vibrationally, you need to be what you want to bring in. When you are desiring for something and you feel you are lacking in it, you are not up to the vibrational resonance of the receiving of it. It is against the law.

When you are coming from the place of feeling what it feels like to have what you have declared, feel it in your thoughts, only speak the words from your mouth, feel it in your body, and act accordingly as if it is. Find yourself on what we call split energy where you have something pulling you back saying you can’t have it or as you’re moving about your day, something pulls you in a direction. Understand that like a pitcher of water, that is filled all the way to the top. Your body is like that. You are attracting in your reality what you are filled up with. In order to create something different whether it be a new relationship with money, a new person, a new business, a new level of wealth or success, you have to release what has already filled up your container and fill it with something new.

Many healers and energy workers will talk about releasing but we are here to tell you that that’s only one part of the equation. You have to become aware of what is your contrast. What you don’t have is what you won’t have and you want to have. Where are you in relation to receiving what it is you want? Releasing all of that is not. Any place where you are in lack of energy, perspective, words, thoughts, any time you are feeling bad, disempowered, fear, or negative energy at any cause, you are lack and you will not be able to attract what you want from lack. The lack of perspective, of thought, and of energy was already programmed. It is not who you are.

Manifest Better: In order to create something different, you need to release what has already filled up your container and fill it with something new.


You up here positive light energy. You have a conduit for the divine. You are a light being, but the staff that you learned in lack and limitation gunks you up and you need to tip out your pitcher so you can bring in something new. That is the next part. Not only being aware of how your thoughts affect you, what you want, and what you think about. Remember, you have an energetic relationship with everything that you have in manifestation form and those things that have not yet manifested. There is a relationship inside of you.

Having awareness of it, having an awareness of the lack, releasing and letting go of the lack, and then the most important part, bringing in the energy of what you do desire. You want what you want, whatever it may be because you think there is a vibration. You’re assigning a vibration to these things. What is it that you want? Is it fulfillment, satisfaction, freedom, security, safety, expansiveness, abundance, joy, whatever it is? It is a buffet, rays of light, all for your utilization in this body to declare what you want. The whole entire universe waiting on your command as to the energy that you want to bring in. It is you that needs to feel yourself up.

You’ve got the pitcher, you have to tip it out, and then refill it. You can’t just let go. Something else will be filled in its placed because you are an energy being. By deliberately bringing in the energy that you wish to feel whether it is of something you desire or because you want to feel good, you’ll have the choice you want. Freewill and choices in doubt and bestowed on to you and you have the choice. The reasons things aren’t manifesting is not because of something wrong with you or you’re being punished or you’re not good enough, it’s because you need one understanding.

What the understanding is of height, energy, and totality of what you want. The vibrational match of what you want. Nothing is wrong with you. You’re not doing anything wrong. You just need to learn more about the manifestation process. This is one of the reasons why you are here as a human being. Co-creating with your divine self, the very breath that is breathing you is your key always to manifesting everything you desire in your life. I’m reminding you, you are infinitely loved. Be well.

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