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We are here in the middle of a vortex. Unknowingly, we hold within us the power to transform our lives with the universal love that is coming and moving through us. In this episode, Christy Whitman talks about the energy vortex and what it means and shows for us as we manifest the life we want. Join her in this brief yet powerful episode to tap into the vortex that will lead us to abundance.


What Is An Energy Vortex

We are here in the middle of a vortex, pure positive energy. Vortices are places and pathways for light to enter onto your planet to have you all feel energized and plugged in. Each one of you as an energy being also has thousands of vortices within your physical body. Many of you are familiar with the seven chakras. The root chakra, the sacral chakra, the power center, your heart center, your throat center, and your third eye, which is what we like to call the fourth portal, the faith portal or the seventh chakra.

Above your head, you have another chakra that is the eighth chakra. This is where the energy coming from universal love and light comes into and utilizes your body as a conduit for this light. Below your earth chakra or your fifth chakra is the ninth chakra. This allows you to feel cocooned into your own energy. As you are bringing up energy from the earth, letting it undulate between each and every one of your centers going above, letting all of you be energized by the light by your asking. It must be your asking, dear ones.

It is not impositioned by you. It is not an imposition-based universe. It is an attraction-based universe. By your asking, the energy starts to flow down and it flows around you like a cocoon reaching below you to then energize you. Not just from Mother Earth where you live, but also universally. When you as energy beings can have this integration of these nine chakras, you are in a place of energetic protection. You can then master your own energy deciding what comes in, what moves out, and then what you attract back into your experience.

This is the Law of Attraction at its best that some of you humans have had the privilege and the honor of learning about. All of you must learn about this because this is who you are as beings. You are not these 3D suits walking around, thinking that your job or your money or your relationships are all that is. You are so much more. What you’ve known yourself to be or who you know yourself to be is only 4%. The 96% is pure light and pure love.

You, as a vortex of energy, always have your free will and choice to bring in the energy you do want to experience and let go of the old.


You, dear one, is a vortex of this universal love, coming through and moving through you. It is the perfect time to be a human on this planet. Although it looks scary, things are happening and your world is turning upside down. For those of you that are awakened during this time, you will be known as the souls that came to create great change during this time. Much transformation is happening. You feel it and you get to be the conduit of the universal energy and your own personal life through all of your manifestations, your relationships, your career, how you serve, what you give out, create and put your hands into.

All will turn out to be an alignment of this universal love. You will all be loved and supported. All of you are abundant. It is your limited mind that tells you that you are in lack and you do not have what it is that you desire. All of you are healthy and have the potential to be abundantly vital and well. It is your divine birthright. Parts of your mind that tell you to worry and fret are part of the mind and the programming of the 4% that was not raised in light.

You as a vortex of energy always have your free will and choice to bring in the energy you do want to experience and let go of the old. Breathing in light, bringing out love. Know yourselves to be light, to be energy, and the vortices that which energy and light flow through you. You will see your life deeply change. We are surrounding you with much love and light. For now, know that you are infinitely loved. Be well, dear ones.


You are infinitely loved,
Christy & The Council

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