In this video, Christy talks about what self-love really is and 4 habits you need to consider to experience self-love and to change your life.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe.

There is nothing like self-love.



It is an experience that needs to come through our consciousness.

Self-love is attuning yourself, aligning yourself to the frequency of what the divine in you already feels. You already have self-love because the divine in you already loves you.
If you think you need to love yourself more or to forgive yourself these are some habits you can start implementing right now.

You need to watch what you say about yourself and about others.

The thoughts that you think.

When you are judging yourself or others, you are disconnecting yourself from your alignment.
The divine in you does not judge others or you.

When you do not judge, you experience self-love.

The perspective that we hold. We are the creators of our beliefs, what you think of yourself is what you are going to out create. If we have this wrong or bad perception of ourselves, those beliefs are not in alignment with the energy of love.

You need to allow yourself to feel yourself.

Feel your emotions.

Lastly, your actions, being able to communicate when something is not okay or speak up for yourself.


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