One night my family went to dinner at a local restaurant and Alex was very grumpy. He was going on and on about how bad his day was.

We had started to play card games with the boys (Go Fish, War, etc.) and in the morning before the boys went to school on this particular day, we played a little War. It was quite funny to hear the boys!

Alex: “I don’t want to get these bad cards.”

Maxim: “Alex, intend for what you want.” (A very proud moment for me as a teacher and mom.)

Alex: “I want a war!” (Which was a very strange intention.)

And I had won. So Alex was upset.

Then he went on about how he played soccer at school and he lost.

Then there was some kind of contest at school and the winners got a cupcake, and he did not win one.

So at dinner that night he was going on and on about how he lost War, he lost at soccer, and he didn’t get a cupcake.

So I said to him, “You are focused on all the things that went wrong today. Let’s name some things that were good today.”

We started to name…

You got to play with your friends today after school.
You got to play soccer at school.
You got to have a Freezie.
You got to go to dinner with your family…

And his mood started to change. He was back to being happy and light-filled Alex.

And I said to him, “You see, when you are focused on what is wrong and bad, you feel bad. When you focus on what is right and good, you feel good.”

We all have contrast that shows up in our lives. We all have things every day that are what we want and what we don’t want. If we take our focus, attention and emotions off of the things that are wrong and bad, or the contrast, and put our attention on the things that are right and good, it changes our mood and our point of attraction. We then get to attract more things into our lives that we can feel good about.

When you find yourself in a grumpy mood, it is because you are focused on lack. Lack always feels bad.

When you start to list all the positive aspects about your day and all the good that showed up, you are now in a place of sufficiency and abundance, which always feels good.

What showed up for you today that you can appreciate?

Make a list of them and watch your mood change. Even if you already feel good, listing all the things you can appreciate about what is right and good in your life will elevate your mood and your vibration.