I have said on many occasions that I am very appreciative of all the success I have created in my life. I enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishing a goal. And I was taught yet again by my children a different type of success.

Alex is now six, and up until a few days ago he was still riding his bike with the training wheels. His little friend in the neighborhood, Samir, is five and told Alex, “It is time for you to take those off.” And so Alex checked with himself and agreed he was ready, and we took the training wheels off.

And then it was time to learn how to ride a bike without the training wheels.

So I held his bike, ran next to him, and attempted to teach the concept of balance. We went outside and practiced every day just for a few minutes for him to get the feeling of balance. And within a few days he was riding by himself.

I taught Alex how to ride his bike!

His success and his accomplishment was also mine. And that was one of the greatest successes that I have experienced so far in my life.

What a thrill to see him succeed. It was so great to see the pride he had on his face.

It is true that someone else’s success can also be ours if we allow it to be.