Happy Birthday To The Desire Factor!

My deepest intention is that The Desire Factor gets in the hands of all that need to read it to become more masterful of their life and what they desire.


A Personal Touch For Your Books – Or Gifts

What is bookplate? Christy explains below how to get a personal autographed message in your purchased book:


Facebook Live Expert Interview Series – April 7 through April 25, 2021

It was my honor and delight to interview each of the guests below. They shared how they became an expert at manifesting their desires. Christy also shared connections with her new book The Desire Factor, which officially released today, April 25th.

April 25th, Natalie Ledwell and Happy Birthday The Desire Factor!



April 24th, Dr. Joe Vitale



April 23rd, Anna Trebunskaya



April 22nd, Sheevaun



April 21st, Marie Diamond



April 20th, Bob Doyle



April 19th, Kelly Sullivan Walden



April 18th, Marci Shimoff



April 17th, Lisa Nichols



April 16th, Sheri Salata



April 15th, Nicole Winhoffer



April 7th, JJ Flizanes