What is Channelling

Have you ever wanted to tap into greater levels of creativity, energy, ingenuity, and insight?  Well, you absolutely can – by understanding what channeling is and how it works!

Channeling is nothing more than a natural form of communication that takes place between physical beings and our non-physical counterparts. A channel is similar to a language interpreter.  They receive energy transmissions from higher realms of being, and translate these communications into words, sounds, ideas, or images.

The artist who is flooded with inspiration as she paints is channeling.  So is the athlete who finds himself “in the zone,” where every ball he touches goes in the hoop.  Channeling is simply the act of tapping into a higher frequency of energy than we normally have access to.  We always have access to universal energy to support us in realizing our desires and fully enjoying our life experiences.  But sometimes we are more receptive to it than others. Let’s break this down in order to understand what energy is and how channeling really works:    

Accessing higher frequencies of energy

To begin, we have to understand that each one of us is an inseparable part of a much larger whole.  The same non-physical energy stream that created our universe animates our own bodies and minds. It doesn’t matter whether you label this energy stream “universal intelligence,” “Mother Nature,” “divine wisdom,” “life force energy,” or “God.” It only matters that you acknowledge this energy exists, that you are connected to it, and that it is abundant.

No matter what name you give it, this energy stream is the source of all inspiration; all flashes of insight.  It’s the wellspring of wisdom that we all have an equal opportunity to tap into. If you are open to it and allow it, this wisdom will guide you in profound ways.  It will lead you not only to greater creativity and resourcefulness but to a life of unimaginable joy.

How channeling works – and how you can do it on purpose

It’s important to understand that everyone channels to some extent.  Receiving an impulse to take a different freeway exit on your way into work is a channeled communication. So is the sudden decision to grab an umbrella on your way out, even though the forecast doesn’t call for rain.  

Contrary to popular belief, some people are not born with “the gift” to channel, while others are not.  We all have equal access to this universal energy stream, and it can come through us in an abundance of ways.

So, how can we hone this skill on purpose?

You can become a more practiced channeler by focusing more deliberately on the art of receiving.   

The art of receiving

The communications that come forth from the higher energy realms do not “speak” to us in words.  They are transmitted to us through very subtle impulses. To receive them, we must tune our energy field to the bandwidth on which they are being broadcast.   

Think of how many radio signals are being broadcast through the airwaves in every moment.  Depending on how and where you tune your receiver, there is no end to the variety of programs you could have access to.  

This means that in every moment, you could tune into a frequency of inspiration and joy, or a frequency of darkness and depression.

To open your channel to receive transmissions from universal intelligence, here are a couple of practical steps you can take:  

Commit to a daily practice of meditation.

Meditation allows you to withdraw your awareness from all the distractions of the external world.  When your awareness is focused within, you open up a space where new information can flow in. You know the old saying, “Nature abhors a vacuum?”  By taking a respite from using only your intellect to figure things out, you become receptive to the higher realms.  

Remove the obstacles that get in your way.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to receive universal wisdom, infinite wisdom and love.  But some of us carry limiting beliefs that block us from this easy reception. Beliefs such as, “I can’t.” “This isn’t possible for me.” “I have to work hard and don’t deserve to be guided,” create unnecessary constriction in the universal flow.     

You first have to believe the guidance you desire is possible.  Then you have to believe you are worthy of receiving it. Set a daily intention to become more open to the universal signs that are manifesting all around you.  When you transcend your bounded, limited thoughts, you open a channel for the divine to pour through you.

Become more acutely aware of and sensitive to the subtle ebb and flow of your own emotions.   

Universal intelligence does not come forth in the form of words, but in an eloquent sequence of emotion and sensation. This means you have to be willing to connect with your feelings in order to receive it.

You can do this by checking in with yourself at various points throughout your day.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and connect with the energies that are moving within you.  Drop beneath the level of intellect and mental chatter and into the realm of pure sensation. Notice that these sensations carry messages, and if you tune yourself to them, you can receive all kinds of guidance.   

The more fluent you become in the language of emotion, the more effective a channeler you will be.  

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit www.watchyourwords.com and gain access to a free 30-day training.