What is Channeling – Meet The Council

I am often asked, “what is channeling and how did you start doing it?” 

This episode of the Quantum Success Show will answer those very questions. And, more!

You will be able to see the clip where The Council came through me.


“We ARE Here!” is what “The Council” typically says now when they appear and communicate their wisdom through me. And, my voice changes — the cadence, the inflection, the accent (there’s debate about the national origin of the voice… some say British, some say South African, some Australian — most likely it’s a combination since so many high vibrational beings of light comprise The Council).

I hand over my consciousness to The Council to communicate whatever message they are wanting to convey. I have no memory of what has been said and need to be told or view the replay to know what came out of my own mouth!

I have always received information from my guides in the form of suggestions, words, pictures to share with clients or to write my books. My “downloads” would often come at odd hours of the night — and when they did, I acted. I wrote all of the information being transmitted and I published it. Two have become New York Times bestsellers. Another, my most recent — The Desire Factor, sold out in its first week and is a top seller in its respective categories on Amazon.

As I developed my abilities to listen to my guides — it got to a point where it was easier for me to surrender and allow them to speak using my body — or more specifically, my mouth (rather than me trying to “translate” their words for them). This happened during a Sacred Circle of Light group (one of my most intimate group coaching settings) where I was working with a client and The Council decided that they could express themselves better without my consciousness attempting to translate their thoughts into words.

That’s how it all began. Above is the video clip where The Council came through me for the first time — along with some explanation and introduction.

And why are they here? To assist humanity. Period. 

How can they help you? 


Outer Limits Radio Interview

I was recently interviewed by Ryan McCormick of Outer Limits Radio.

We discussed how everything is made up of energy. And how sometimes the negative energy we’re holding onto creates pain points and blocks, preventing us from feeling whole and happy. Sometimes, we need help to remove these blocks and heal. Channeling your energy into a higher energetic vibration can help you release these blocks and heal from past trauma and fear.

Click here or below to listen to the podcast.


The Quantum Council: On Harnessing the Empath’s Power (Channeled by Christy Whitman)


Empaths can sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of their own experience. It is a rare gift that some even consider as a curse because you pick up on everyone and everything, making it very hard to function in life. In this episode, Christy Whitman shares a fix for this. Discover how you can harness this power and become the change-maker that you can be.

Watch the episode here:

Harnessing The Empath’s Power (Channeled By Christy Whitman)

We are here in the middle of one of your earth’s vortexes of energy. This message is for all of you that are sensitive. You probably were told at a young age that you were sensitive and that was something that was bad. Sensitivity, dear one, is a gift. It means that you are a special type of human called an empath. There’s the downside of being an empath just because you didn’t understand and know that you have direct power and you have the ability to be even more sensitive, but most empaths use this or see it as a curse.

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Because you are so sensitive, you pick up on everyone and everything making it very hard to function in life. Here is the fix for this. When you are in connection with your heart portal or the transmutation station like a beacon of energy. When you are allowing divine source energy to move through you and to move out of your heart. When you are receiving energy and you are sending out energy, you then are not picking up energy from others. You are the influencer instead of being influenced. We say this because most of you are in the receiving mode. Your physical bodies are always in receiving mode.

Just like humans, you need rest, food, refreshment and you need to eliminate. You also need energy. You are an energy being and all of that trillions of cells in your body are like little cups. All of them have receptive sides bringing and sucking in energy. If you are not in your physical body, most of you did not know this information and now when you know it, you can give it back or unknow it. You are an energy receiver. If you are trying to give out what you don’t have, you feel depleted. This is why many empaths feel tired and exhausted. Many healers themselves are not functioning in vitality and wellbeing. You must plug yourself up first before you can influence others.

Empath: You are an energy receiver. If you are trying to give out what you don’t have, you feel depleted.


Dear one, just like you don’t sleep once in your life or one hour of your night or take a sip of water for the day or eat one morsel of food, your body requires as energy to be filled up all day every day. This is why many of you that meditate in the morning feels great. You go about your day and then you feel depleted. You need to be filling yourself up as an energy being all day, every day. Then you dear one, from your heart is wide open, you are the change maker. You are the one that influences us and you can be that conduit of light that you were born to be.

You and your soul’s purpose came to this time, this space, and this earth plane to make a difference in light. As an impact in light, love being. By you retracting and being afraid of the world to pick up on others’ energy, you are not doing your purpose. When you learn that energy goes both ways, that you can bring in and then transmit out, you get to be the empowered empath. So much love is here for you as you are the change maker. Breathe in light, breathe out and decide. Will you use your power? It all starts with energy mastery. You are infinitely loved.

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How To Understand What Your Anxiety & Worry Are Telling You

Unpack your anxiety.

From a nagging feeling of discontent to a paralyzing panic attack — while unpleasant to experience — these sensations and symptoms of anxiety are messengers that arise in body and mind to impart valuable information.

Understanding worry and anxiety aren’t always straightforward. Fortunately, you can learn how to receive their communication.

First things first, you need to know that anxiety is not an emotion.
The word “anxiety” has become a sort of catch-all term used to describe a whole range of uncomfortable emotions.

But, in truth, anxiety in and of itself is not an emotion. Rather, it’s an indication that there are emotions within us that we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel or express.
Anxiety functions as a protective mechanism that temporarily shields us from becoming overwhelmed with deeper emotions, such as anger and sadness.

But to find relief, we must look below its protective layer to discover the source of what’s really going on.

There are 3 ways to understand what your anxiety and worry are telling you, so you can find greater clarity and ease.

1. Pay attention.

Anxious and worrisome thoughts are kind of like a fire alarm. They arise to signal that some important aspect of you or your life needs attention. Sometimes, the trigger is sudden or severe and demands immediate action.

Most often, anxiety reflects an internal imbalance that’s been building slowly over time. So slowly, in fact, that we may not recognize our discomfort until it’s become pretty intense.
When they are not felt, expressed, and released, free-floating emotions like fear, anger, and frustration can trigger acute anxiety. It’s simply not enough to deal with it on the surface — we have to unravel it to get to the source.

Paying attention to what’s going on internally and externally is the first critical step.

Give yourself permission to unplug from your daily responsibilities and take some quiet introspective time for yourself. You can do this by closing your eyes, taking some slow, deep breaths, and becoming attuned to what’s happening in your inner world.

Use any sensations moving through your body as clues. Explore areas of tension or constriction, and allow yourself to simply become curious about them.

  • What disappointments — even minor ones — have you dealt with lately?
  • What projects or communications didn’t go as well as you would have liked?
  • Is there a situation in your life that needs to be addressed or shifted?

Make a note of anything you become aware of, and try to identify the underlying emotion associated with each one. With this step alone, you’ll begin to feel some relief.

2. Move the energy.
Emotions are simply energy, and energy is always in motion. To be alive is to exist in a continual state of ebb and flow.

In order to take in the new, we have to release the old. When this process is interrupted by stifling our emotions rather than feel them, we lose our balance.

You can’t affirm your way out of an anxious state, because anything we resist and struggle against gathers more momentum. With emotions, the fastest way out is through.

Once you’ve uncovered the deeper emotions that are triggering anxiety, take a moment to be present with these feelings.

Grant them permission to exist. Accept however you are feeling in the moment, knowing that emotions are nothing more than waves of energy.

All energy is in a constant state of flux, and you can help this process to unfold naturally and easily.

Shift your attention from your mind to your heart — and feel your connection to your soul — to your life force energy. This life force energy creates and sustains all things, and connects you to the universe itself.

Allow your personal energy field to become entrained and aligned with the pure, divine source that sustains you. Feel it washing away any discord.

Use your breath to gently move and release any energy that’s been stuck and to open up to a greater state of receptivity.


3. Focus on what you want — not on what you don’t want.

The final message that anxiety brings us is one of self-empowerment. Through the power of our attention and focus, each of us has the ability to deliberately ask for what we want to receive.
We have the choice at every moment to complain about problems or to envision their solutions. We can focus on what’s missing from our lives, or on the areas where we have an abundance. Energy flows in the direction that our attention goes. Once you understand this, you can use it to your highest benefit.

Decide on the quality of vibration that you would like to bring into your physical and mental body. Then, deliberately open yourself to receive this.

Imagine the energies of joy, expansion, ease, connection, and well-being pouring from your divine source into you. Feel this frequency entering and uplifting every aspect of your being.
Do something nice for yourself that anchors this new frequency into your life in a concrete way — take a hot bath, go for a walk in nature, watch a funny movie, or beautify an area of your home.

Remember, you are the one who sets the energetic tone for your life, and you can choose whatever energy you desire.

If we don’t deliberately choose the energy we want to bring in, we’re at the mercy of whatever the frequencies being broadcast around us. Each of us is responsible for creating the vibrational tone of our own lives.

The Quantum Council: What To Do with Negative and Toxic People

The Quantum Council:  On What To Do with Negative and Toxic People
Channeled by Christy Whitman

Getting bummed out by negative or toxic people is a very common experience.  Here’s how it generally goes: 

You’re flying high, in a great mood, and great things are happening.  Solutions are presenting themselves, doors are opening, and your life feels like a magic carpet ride.

Then, you meet up with someone – a colleague, family member or significant other – and your good mood comes crashing down.  

When you go to explain this – to yourself or someone else – it seems clear enough what happened.  The other person’s toxic attitude or negative mood made your good mood impossible to sustain.

Maybe this person is a classic complainer or “poor me” type.  Maybe it’s someone you go out of your way to please because you’re so hungry for their acceptance.  It could be someone you live with and have patterns of relating that just don’t feel that good. 

Whatever the situation, you now feel less happy, less powerful, and less clear-minded than you did prior to the interaction.  Instead, you feel frustrated, disappointed, on edge, or confused. 

And what makes matters even worse is that you probably blame the other person for the way you feel.  After all, you were feeling pretty good before they came along! 

To give another person the power to control our mood is to set ourselves up for a lifetime of frustration.  Taking responsibility for our own energy field is the path to deliberate creation.  

This was the question recently posed to Christy and the Quantum Council: 

“How can I maintain a vibration of positivity around negative or toxic people?”The Council is a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand our innate creative power and worthiness.  Christy Whitman receives the Council’s energetic transmissions, and – as a skilled coach and transformational leader – finds the language to interpret their messages.  

What follows are 3 energy mastery principles to support you in maintaining our own vibration regardless of circumstance.      

Principle #1:  No matter how it seems, you are the only one who controls your vibration. 

There is only one reason why you might resist, avoid, judge or feel bad around negative people:  It’s because you believe they hold the power to down your mood.   And it’s perfectly understandable that you would come to this conclusion.  

Human beings are energy transmitters and receivers, which means we are naturally sensitive to energy.  Not only do we pick up on the moods of other people, but we often unconsciously harmonize with those moods.   

This is great news if those around us are inspired, exhilarated, forward-looking and clear.  But it can be very bad news when we run into someone who is negatively or lack-fully focused.   In order to maintain the vibration we desire, we must learn to generate our own energetic momentum on purpose.  

Principle #2:   Where attention goes, energy flows.

This statement is at the basis of the universal Law of Attraction.  The frequency of energy we broadcast into the universe gathers energies that are harmonic or resonant in frequency.  Think about this for a moment as it relates to negative or toxic people.   

Recall the last time you interacted with someone who was in a bad mood and feeling critical of themselves or others.  Now go beneath this person’s words and actions and try to hone in on the frequency of energy they were transmitting. 

It was a powerful, bad-feeling frequency, right?  

The more focus, or air time, you give to any mood or train of thought, the more momentum it gains.  When you focus on the negative vibes others are giving off, you unwittingly become a part of that energy stream.  And your mood quickly goes downhill in the process.  

So instead, decide in advance of each interaction what mood or atmosphere you want to carry with you into that next segment of your day.  Take some time to prepare yourself internally, and to generate the essence of that feeling within you.  

Remember that your vibration is the sum total of your moment-by-moment thoughts, emotions, moods, beliefs and expectations.  And you are the only one who can offer these.  No one has the power to assert their bad mood into your experience, because you are the one in control of your focus.  

Principle #3:  You have the ability to set your frequency on purpose.  

Most people try to change the way they feel by seeking to change the people they’re with. When we’re around someone negative, we feel the dip in energy and immediately go to work trying to uplift it.

We may think, “Perhaps if I lighten the mood they will feel better.”  Or, “Maybe if I share about a challenge I’ve overcome, they’ll see that transformation is possible for them, too.”

Maybe you’ve noticed:  These tactics fail nearly 100% of the time!  Not only do they not make the other person feel better, but they send your mood further plummeting as well.

When your energy body registers negativity in someone else, use this as a cue to return your attention to your center.  Remind yourself of the mood and tone you seek to generate and go about attending to this powerful inner work.