January 2014 – Note from Christy

Creating Abundance without Sacrificing Health: From “Alpha Bitch” to Empowered Female
December 30, 2013
January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Have you decided what energy essence you want to bring in for 2014?

Take a few moments right now to decide how you want your dominant feeling and vibration to be this year.

Do you want to feel more love, abundance, success, joy, freedom, expansion? What is the essence for you?

After you have discovered the essence, then ask yourself: if you could have three amazing, magical manifestations happen this year, what would they be?

Take the time right now to connect with the essence you have chosen. For example, if it is freedom, take a few moments to experience freedom.

Then write down the three things that you would love to experience this year. And make sure to write it down. Have it somewhere you can see it every day. Every time you look at it, send light to that vision and connect with your future self who has already experienced this happening.

I can’t wait to hear your stories of how these three things manifested with ease and grace.

Thank you for being part of my family!

If you did not have a chance to get on the New Year’s Eve call and set your vibration for the year, go here to listen:


As always, in this newsletter, there are teleseminars, resources, affirmations, and meditations to help you on your journey to empowerment. Check out my recent interviews with Jeanie Zepponi of Pooshme Daily (click here) and Gina Hussar of 30 Seconds to Peace (click here), and my latest article on ModernSage.com: Creating Abundance without Sacrificing Health: From “Alpha Bitch” to Empowered Female.

Have an amazing month and know that you deserve everything you desire and more!

Imagine and enjoy,

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

My Uncle Ron gave Frederic and I tickets to the Arizona Cardinal’s game. We had so much fun together while my parents watched the boys.

Evelyn’s dog Zeus is trying to tame the alpha bitch

The boys are learning to sing in French. And what do they sing? A commercial for a restaurant in Montreal. LOL

After seeing Santa the boys took a ride on Donald Duck and Dumbo.

One of the boys favorite things is to bury and to be buried. We are learning how to count.

This one has many things. The boys putting their dogs to sleep, and Alex is in love with Selena Gomez. His wish for Christmas was to have Selena babysit him (and for her to not have a boyfriend).

This one makes me giggle. We were teasing Maxim that we were going to eat his cookie.

We had a grand opening at a local grocery store. They had a clown that made Alex laugh like
I have never heard before.


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