In today’s Show we are going to dig deeper into lack versus abundance. In order to shift something that we want, we have to understand and have awareness of what we’re doing.  

During the last episode, we talked about The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance and how your words matter.  A lot! 

For example, instead of saying IF, say WHEN. 

When I find my partner, when my business hits this, when I attract those clients, when I have a baby and so on.  When is so much more powerful than saying if, because saying if is saying I kind of hope it happens.  Whereas saying when is very solidified and it’s based in faith. 

Having those different words and phrases creates a very, very different vibration. 

When we understand what we’re doing that brings us into lack, then we can shift the perspective. 

Watch today’s Show, where I share some processes to help you better understand lack versus abundance.  


When you can even just shift the consciousness, shift the words that you say, the thoughts that you think, the perspective that I am always supported, things are always working out for me, there is a source of abundance, and I am connected to it. You feel good. You feel expanded.” ~Christy Whitman


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