7 Universal Principles for Creating Change

Creating Change How To Move Forward

You realize that the way things are, and the ways things have been – whether for the past two months or the past two hundred years – is not the way you deeply desire them to be.  And it really, really hurts.

Your pain may be personal only to you or it may be surging through all of humanity.  Whatever the emotional turmoil or circumstance you find yourself in, you’re clear about a couple of things:

You don’t like it.

You wish it were different.

And you feel powerless to affect any type of meaningful change.

So, what now?

Can faith be restored when things feel like they’re falling apart?

How can we rebound from devastation or heal from a broken heart?

When we realize we’ve been headed in the wrong direction, what is the most effective way to begin turning things around?

What follows are seven universal precepts; spiritual truths about our time-space dimension that have been written about by great luminaries throughout time.  Each of these has been proven absolutely true in my personal experience and has been confirmed in the direct experience of many living today.  Whatever pain you are now dealing with, these principles will set you on the path to healing, to reclaiming your innate creative power and charting a new course for yourself that inspires the world to do the same.

Principle #1: Everything is energy.

What appears to our senses as solid matter is simply energy, vibrating at different rates of speed.  Your eyes translate light waves into sight.  Your ears translate soundwaves into hearing.  Nothing material actually exists.  And this means that the “stuff” that makes up the entire universe is actually not stuff at all.  It’s energy.

Principle #2: All energy carries a vibration.

Through the orchestration of the universal Law of Attraction, whatever energy we broadcast out into the universe gathers to itself energies that are harmonic or resonant in frequency.  In other words, everything that manifests in the physical world does so by a process of resonant energies being drawn together.

In your every waking moment, you are sending out an energetic or vibrational signal that is transmitted to the farthest corners of the universe.  Your thoughts broadcast an energetic vibration.  So do your emotions, your current and chronic moods, your dominant beliefs, and your moment to moment expectations.  The energy you send out is matched by the universe and is returned back to you in the form of experiences, situations, relationships…. everything.

Principle #3:  To attract anything you desire, attune your energy field with the presence of it; not the absence of it.

If you are experiencing anger, fear, worry, resentment, disappointment, frustration, or any other bad-feeling emotion, this is an indication that you are out of alignment with the very outcomes and experiences that you desire to create.

In focusing on what we do not want, we are unwittingly aligning ourselves with unwanted outcomes and experiences.  We cannot complain about or condemn the reality that currently exists and expect a new reality to emerge.

Likewise, if we judge or condemn others for their differing thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, we bring disconnection and conflict upon ourselves.  By allowing others to have their own perspectives and experiences, we restore peace within ourselves.

Principle #4:  From contrast is born clarity.

Each unwanted experience brings us greater clarity about what is wanted.  If we remain focused on the contrast, we’ll continue to attract more contrasting experiences into our lives.  If we focus on the clarity the contrast has inspired within us, we begin moving in the direction of our desires.   To turn a painful or contrasting experience into clarity, ask yourself, What do I want?  Why do I want it?  and, How do I believe I will feel once I’ve attained it?    

Principle #5:  Life is a process of continual evolution. 

All of our history (both personal and collective) has led us to the evolution of who we are today.  Every human has experienced pain, suffering, and injustice.

And it is up to us, through the power of our own free will, to personally decide what we want to be NOW, what we want to experience NOW, and what we want our futures to evolve into. The current of life moves only in one direction, and that direction is forward.

Principle #6:  Learning to master our own energy field is essential.

Physician and spiritual teacher Dr. David Hawkins published research revealing that approximately 87 percent of humanity calibrates at a collective energy level that leaves them feeling powerless and therefore spiritually weak.

Hawkins also introduced the concept of counterbalancing.  As one person radiates love and higher vibrations, it counterbalances the energy fields of many who are stuck in the lower frequencies of fear and hatred.

This is why learning to master your own personal energy field is essential – not just to our level of personal happiness, but to the level of influence we have on everyone and everything around us.  The higher you raise your energy frequency level, the more beneficial you become to the world at large.

Principle #7:  It is our responsibility to calibrate our energy on purpose. 

The choice is simple:  We can allow the dominant frequency of the world around us to calibrate our energy field, or we can take responsibility for deliberately cultivating the energy we wish to live in.   One choice leaves us at the mercy of world events and other people’s actions and reactions.  The other choice returns us to our power to create the kind of world we desire to live in.

Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve the problem with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Michael Jackson sang about making the world a better place and declared, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.”

Mahatma Gandhi encouraged us to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Neville Goddard, the spiritual luminary, and 20th-century author wrote, “If you long to transform your present life into a dream of what might well be, you need but imagine that you are already what you want to be and feel the way you would expect to feel under such circumstances.” https://www.neville-goddard.org

Decide on the quality of vibration that you would like to bring into your life, and then deliberately open yourself to receive this frequency.  Imagine the energies of joy, expansion, ease, connection and wellbeing pouring from your divine source into you. Feel this frequency entering and uplifting every aspect of your being.  Know that your energy field affects everyone and everything around you.  Cultivating an internal state of ease and balance is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

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