The Desire Factor

How to Shift Your Energy When You’re Feeling Competitive

An innocent social media scroll reveals a good friend looking fabulous as she suns herself on an exotic beach.  A co-worker negotiates himself hefty raise, even though you were hired at about the same time.  Your next-door neighbor drives home in the car of your...

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The Gift of Anxiety

When you’re in the middle of an anxious moment, anxiety feels like anything but a gift.  But once you understand what it’s trying to tell you, you’ll appreciate the gift of anxiety and can use it to your benefit.   Anxiety is simply a messenger. And once we...

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Perspective Is Everything

When it comes to your happiness and abundance in life, perspective is absolutely everything.   Why? Because what you experience as the reality of your daily life is created, by you, from within.  Everything you manifest or don’t manifest in your life flows directly...

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How Thoughts Create Reality

Thoughts create reality.  This is a universal, metaphysical principle.  Thoughts trigger emotions, which either spur us into action or lull us into inaction.  And, of course, our actions culminate in the outcomes we manifest and don’t manifest in our lives. Let’s...

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3 Energy Mastery Practices to Instantly Step into Success

You have the power, right now, to step into any reality you desire to experience – including the reality of abundant success.  How exactly is this possible?  It’s possible because energy is at the essence of every experience, and the birthplace of every...

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How to Speed Your Manifestations by Becoming Aware

Your degree of awareness – and your degree of mastery in consciously directing your awareness – determines the speed of your manifestations.   And by becoming aware of your energy before you take action, you can attract success in every aspect of your life.   The...

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How to Stay Centered Around Difficult People

Is it possible to maintain your mood, your clarity, and your focus in the presence of difficult people?   Absolutely it is!  But to accomplish this, you need a working understanding of energy and vibration, for these form the basis of everything.   Here are 3 energy...

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The Key to Remaining Self-Empowered in Difficult Times

A self-empowered person is someone who’s confident that they can hold their own, regardless of what’s happening around them.  It’s the ability to maintain a vibration of stability, security, and inner peace, even when faced with another person’s fear.  And true...

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