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We cannot effectively focus our creative energy in two directions at the same time. In order to manifest an ideal future, we first have to disinvest our energy from the past.  And in this energetic, vibrational universe, this one fact is critical to understand:   

This present moment is actually past tense! 

If you look around your life right now, everything that is manifested in tangible, observable form were once only un-manifested desires.  

The home you now live in; the relationships you have; the career that you work at every day… These are realities that once existed only as possibilities that have now popped into 3-dimensional existence.  But the moment they manifested, they became past-tense.  And the future you desire to create exists on a different vibrational frequency.  

As human beings, we are continually in a state of transition.  We transition from job to job, from house to house, and from mindset to mindset.  We even create different iterations of our own bodies as we move through time.   And as such, we serve ourselves greatly by learning how to release the past in order to create a more ideal future.

Here are 3 energy mastery practices to support you in manifesting a new level of fulfillment and happiness in each key area of your life:    


Energy Mastery Practice #1:  Disinvest your energy from the current manifestations in your life that no longer serve or please you.  

What’s the most effective way to withdraw – or reclaim – our energy from past manifestations?  Contrary to what many believe, the most effective way to release the past is not to complain about it, make it wrong, or otherwise attempt to push it away.  In fact, in energetic terms, trying to push away an unwanted reality only brings more of that reality into our experience.   The Law of Attraction brings us more of what we focus on, regardless of whether we’re focused on what is wanted or unwanted.  


The fastest possible way to release something that is no longer serving you is to appreciate it as much as you can.  

Yes, appreciation is the key that unlocks your ability to create your ideal future.  When we’re in a state of appreciation, we’re no longer resisting what is, and our desires manifest more effortlessly.

To shift your energy from resistance to appreciation, consider the handful of situations in your life that you desire to improve this New Year. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • How has this situation served me?
  • What are its positive aspects? 
  • How has this aspect of life been a catalyst for my evolution and growth?
  • What wisdom do I now have as a result of having lived this experience?  

After you have made your list of all you appreciate about this aspect of your life, read each item over.  And as you do, feel the energy of your appreciation as a transformative force.  By appreciating all that you have and giving thanks for how it’s served you, you open the door for the Universe to give you more.  


Energy Mastery Practice #2:  Place the majority of your attention on what you are moving toward, not what you are moving from.   


Life only moves in one direction, and that direction is forward.  Even if you desire to reclaim a feeling from an earlier time in your life, you are never going backwards.  Each new moment brings a fresh opportunity to create. 


This means you’re never “going back to” an easier time, a happier time, or a skinnier time in your life.  Think of it this way instead:  From this present moment, where all of your power is, you are choosing to re-activate a vibration of ease, happiness and perfect wellbeing.


To create your ideal future, you do not need to make peace with anything that you’ve lived before.  You don’t have to spend anytime excusing or justifying it.  You don’t need to make sense of it, and you certainly don’t need to go back and correct all your so-called mistakes. In fact, all of these things keep you dragging that past energy into the present and future.  All you need to do is focus on where you now are and where you now desire to be. Period.  Every less-than-ideal reality you have ever lived is the launching point for where you’re headed next.  


Energy Mastery Practice #3:  Focus on what you are adding to your experience, not on what you desire to take away.     


It’s easy to think more about what we don’t want than about what we do.  With our language, we affirm things such as, “I want to be out of debt.” “I want this person to stop bothering me.”  Or, “I want to lose 10 pounds.” 


Statements like these, while well-intentioned, place our creative focus in an unhelpful direction.  To manifest your ideal future this New Year, think instead of the energies and experiences you desire to add to your life.


For example, “I want this person to stop bothering me,” becomes “I’m attracting fun, mutually respectful people into my life.”  “I want to lose 10 pounds,” becomes “I love the feeling of lightness and freedom in my body.”  


Yes, there is momentum to the past, and yes, we all learn what we want by identifying what we don’t want.  But there is no other moment that is more powerful than the moment you’re living right now.  


In this moment, you have the power of choice and free will. You can choose to lament all that hasn’t worked out yet, or you can see yourself as the powerful creative being you truly are.  In each moment, you are born anew, with more clarity and wisdom to align yourself with all that you desire. 


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