master your mind

What does mastering your mind have to do with creating miracles?

In a word, everything!

Mastery is defined as a state of control or superiority over something or someone.  When we have mastery over our minds, we understand them as the powerful focusing mechanisms they are designed to be.  This means we understand that we are the ones who decide where and how to direct the powerful focus of our attention.  And what we focus upon, we summon creative energy toward, and our desires unfold seamlessly – almost miraculously. 

Unfortunately, most of us have not yet learned mastery over our own minds. 

In fact, many times, we feel enslaved by them.    

What are the symptoms of an un-mastered mind?

  • Knee-jerk reacting to the people and circumstances around us
  • Being easily influenced by others’ bad attitudes or behaviors
  • Allowing the momentum of what’s currently happening to distract us from the improved reality we desire to create

An un-mastered mind is one that has not yet discovered the peace of meditation, or the power of deliberate intent.  Until we learn to master our minds, we feel raw and ragged, at the mercy of whatever is happening around us.  

But, using these 3 energy mastery techniques, you can take control of your mind and manifest miracles in your life:

Mind Mastery Technique #1:  The moment you feel yourself starting down a negative mental spiral, back away from the specifics of whatever is happening.  

What’s the most productive thing we can do when we realize we’re focusing our minds on a reality we don’t want to create?  When we’re dwelling on the absence of something we desire, rather than looking for evidence of its unfolding? The wisest action we can take in moments like these is to focus our minds more generally, and less on the specifics. 

Your mind is like a powerful locomotive, barreling down one of an infinite number of tracks.  And anytime the train of thought you’ve jumped aboard induces more anxiety than hopefulness, it’s time to slow the train down. 

The more specifically you focus on any subject, the more creative energy you summon toward it.  This is great news when you’re focused on possibility, on appreciation, or on abundance.  But whenever a train of thought is leading you to unwanted destinations, you can master your mind by going general.   

To do this, simply remind yourself of the very general, universal principles of well-being that abound in this universe.   Say things to yourself such as, “Things always have a way of working out.” “I’ve found my way out of tight spots like this before.”  Or, “This reality is just an out-picturing of my current energy flow. As I change my energy, everything changes.”

Once the negative train of thought has rolled to a stop, you can choose a new track and begin building positive momentum.  

Mind Mastery Technique #2: Remember that in every moment, you have the power to focus on abundance or on lack.  

The secret to creating miracles is actually very simple: Acknowledge the fact that you are an abundant being living in an infinitely abundant universe. Then deliberately look for evidence of your abundance as often, and with as much genuine appreciation, as you possibly can. 

Once you’re aware of something that you desire – such as more money or love in your life – you’re presented with a fundamental choice.  You can use the power of your mind to focus on the lack of your desire, or you can focus on its presence.  An undisciplined mind can only see what currently is.  It sees only the absence of what is wanted, and consequently, we feel deprived, angry, or anxious.  

Mastering your mind is using the power of your own free will to generate the sensation of already having what you desire.  It’s deliberately flipping your own internal switch anytime you’re dwelling on what’s missing, and appreciating all that you already have.  It’s deciding that you are bigger and more powerful than any circumstance you find yourself in.  Mastering your mind gives you the confidence that whatever reality you direct your focus toward will expand, blossom and become more.   

Mind Mastery Technique #3: Know that you are an eternally fluctuating being, with an infinite capacity and the power to regain your center anytime you lose it. 

Mastering your mind is not about isolating yourself away from any situation that has the potential to throw you off balance.  Instead, it’s knowing that you are resilient enough to bounce back from any negative momentum and to re-create again and again.  

Yes, there are billions of people in the world.  And yes, many of them are generating a powerful stream of negative momentum.  There are as many different vibrations coursing through the airwaves of our planet as there are people inhabiting it.  But this need not intimidate or overwhelm you because you and you alone have the power to tune your own personal vibration. 

You are the only one who can choose to think a particular thought.  And you are the one with the power to think of a different thought at any time.  You are the only one who can mentally reach beyond what you’re living to envision a brighter reality.    

Approach the coming New Year with a single determination:  to become a more deliberate master of your own mind.  With this one powerful resolution, you will create miracles.


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