There is a direct correlation between self-care and self-love. And, as you’ve probably discovered, you can only really receive love from another when you authentically love yourself.  


Without a foundation of self-love, you simply can’t receive all the lavish gifts the universe has in store for you.  This is because self-love and receptivity go hand in hand.  Self-love is the key to letting in the love, abundance and fulfillment we desire to nurture in our lives.  Enter the importance of making self-care rituals a consistent part of your life.


The most effective self-care rituals are selfish by nature.


Many of us approach self-care from a logistical point of view. We might meditate to become less reactive, exercise to stay in shape or get dressed up for a special occasion.  


But these are all conditional forms of self-care.  


True self-care is something we do for ourselves for no external reason, simply because it contributes to our happiness and well-being.  


When we don’t prioritize our own self-care, we’re far more likely to be cranky, impatient, and on edge.  And to make matters worse, when we don’t take the time to fill ourselves up from the inside, we often look for happiness from external sources. That bag of chips when you’re not really hungry or an extra glass of wine when you’ve had enough… these are all signs we’re searching for something outside of ourselves to fill an internal need.  


And almost always what we’re hungry for is our own time, caring, and loving attention. 


So here then, are some simple self-care rituals – divided into two types – to prepare you for whatever you’re hoping to experience this Valentine’s Day and beyond.  Each day, pick at least one item from each list.    


Self-Care Ritual Type #1: Releasing vibrations that no longer serve you


  • Free-write whatever thoughts, ideas, and to-do items are cluttering your mind
  • Take a salt bath
  • Do some yoga or light stretching, paying particular attention to releasing tension in the shoulders and hips, where we tend to hold onto stored emotions and stress
  • Lie on your back and watch the clouds pass
  • Move your body through dance, brisk walking, or deep breathing
  • Do a “mini-declutter” of a space such as your office or bedroom that you spend a lot of time in
  • Edit your social media feeds, unfriending or “muting” those whose input doesn’t bring you joy


Self-Care Ritual Type #2: Filling your mental, physical, and energy bodies with nourishing vibrations


  • Oxygenate your body with three deep, long, slow breaths.  Feel the air filling your abdomen, then expanding your side ribs, back, and chest
  • Get fifteen minutes of morning sun (especially if you live in a cold climate).  Make sure to use sunscreen if appropriate.
  • Inhale an uplifting, stimulating fragrance, such as peppermint or citrus
  • Prioritize laughing! Watch comedy shows, or read a funny book or comic strip
  • Treat yourself as you would treat a dear friend. What words do you most need to hear right now?  Look in the mirror and say them to yourself. 
  • Look for opportunities to practice generosity.  Open a door for someone, or let a fellow driver into your lane of traffic. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the Starbucks line. As you give to others, acknowledge and appreciate the abundance that is all around you.  
  • Look for evidence of all that is going right.  Life will show you evidence of whatever you believe is true.  Begin your day with an honest desire to rendezvous with examples of love, beauty, awe, generosity, and well-being. 


By making these self-care rituals a regular part of your day, you’ll feel more at ease within yourself and connect with the positive aspects of the world around you. You’ll find it easier not to sweat the small stuff, and you’ll come to know yourself as the worthy, blessed being that you are.   

Christy Whitman Month of February 2023 for LOVE


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