Money And The Law Of Attraction | Christy Whitman


If you’re feeling less than abundant, you could be missing these important connections between money and the Law of Attraction:

Connection #1: Abundance does not need to be created

The first step to using the Law of Attraction to manifest money is realizing that the abundance you seek already exists. It doesn’t have to be created; it only has to be allowed by you to flow.

Yes, money is a means for acquiring physical things – houses, clothing, cars. But what is the bottom-line experience you’re hoping for once you’ve attained those physical things? What you’re seeking is an experience of abundance, of sufficiency, of freedom, expanded choices, and joy. You want to experience energy flowing in and out of your life in a rich and unlimited way.

At the root of everything you would like your money to buy, you desire to feel a certain way. And you are at your most joyful when you’re allowing your energy to flow in an unrestricted way.

Connection #2: The Law of Attraction is the manager of all energies

Money is energy.

Love is energy.

Happiness is energy.

We live in a universe where there is an abundant, unlimited supply of all of these energies.

And the Law of Attraction is the conductor, the manager, and the orchestrator of the flow of energy.

The Law of Attraction is our creative partner, constantly bringing a never-ending flow of energy into our lives. But here’s the catch: The Law of Attraction doesn’t respond to what we say we want. It delivers back to us manifestations that reflect the way we really feel. In this energetic universe, the only thing that matters is the energy that’s behind our thoughts, words, and actions. The energy you transmit when you think about money summons the Law of Attraction and brings you more.

The vibrations we offer in any moment generate powerful movement in one of two directions: We’re either consciously bringing about the reality we desire, or we’re unintentionally creating the reality we don’t.

Connection #3: Your perspective is what allows or prohibits the flow.

So if there’s no shortage of energy – and therefore abundance – in this universe, why do some experience lack or limitation? Why do some easily use the Law of Attraction to create money, while others struggle to make ends meet?

The answer comes down to our personal free will. Because although we live in an abundant universe, each of us decides how much abundance we will allow ourselves to receive.

An abundance of all that we desire is available to us in this and in every moment, but what we focus on determines how much we allow ourselves to receive.

If we are persistently aware of all that we do not yet have, we block the flow to receiving more.

When we believe that we have to sacrifice time or fun to earn money, we won’t create all we deserve.

If we believe the economy is falling apart, this perception will perpetuate lack in our experience.

To change your experience, you must change your perception. Acknowledge that there is more than enough of everything to go around. Know that you are inherently valuable and deserving of an extraordinary life. Allow yourself to believe that it’s entirely possible to make an abundance of money doing something you love. Enlarge the space within yourself and allow yourself to receive. Receptivity is the secret to magnetizing money using the powerful Law of Attraction.

The Incredible Power of Focus

What you focus on expands and becomes more in your experience. And in every moment there are an infinite number of things you could focus on and encourage to become more.

Look around your life as it exists right now. It’s likely that some aspects are in a state of alignment, while some are in a state of discord. To summon money through the Law of Attraction, we must focus on things that feel good when we observe them.

It’s true. Most of us were never taught to view the world through this lens. In fact, we were probably taught the exact opposite – to notice what’s wrong; to point out what needs fixing; to be on the lookout for potential danger. But it’s important to realize that we look for we tend to find. To use the Law of Attraction to magnetize money, we must become more deliberate about how we direct our attention.

In the beginning, this will take some discipline. But with practice, finding evidence of the abundance that’s all around you becomes your default way of viewing the world.

And when this happens, huge shifts begin to happen – not through struggle or effort, but through the power of allowing.

The Law of Attraction is your creative partner, ready and willing to direct the energy of money and abundance to you.

To increase this flow, notice, appreciate, feel, and speak about all of the ways in which you already are abundant.

You can count your blessings, make gratitude lists, or just breathe in the energy of abundance. Appreciate all that you have now, and acknowledge there’s plenty more where all of that came from. The high-flying emotions of freedom, prosperity and joy are always just a thought and a moment away. Release your perceptions of lack and the river of abundance will nourish you in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Her forthcoming book, The Desire Factor, will be released in the spring of 2021. If you’re ready to discover the limitlessness of your own wisdom and power, join Christy’s conscious community and begin to manifest greater abundance in your life with 7 days of free meditations. Pre-Order The Desire Factor today and receive special bonuses.