Everything Is Connected With Christy Whitman

You’ve probably heard the saying that to truly love someone else, you must first love yourself. This message may ring true in a general way, but can we apply it specifically to improve our relationships? The answer to this is absolutely, yes, because everything is connected.

The Connection Between Inner and Outer

The relationship we have with ourselves in the “privacy” of our hearts and minds is actually not a private affair. The way we speak to ourselves, think about ourselves and treat ourselves affects all those we interact with. At first glance, this may seem like a far-out concept. But once you consider these 3 basic principles of energy mastery, you’ll understand exactly how it is so.

Energy Mastery Principle #1: Everything is connected, and your energy determines your outcomes.

We now know that everything within this seemingly material universe, ourselves included, is made up of energy. What appears to our senses as solid matter is simply energy, vibrating at different rates of speed.

Over a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein made the revolutionary discovery that energy and matter are interchangeable. In other words, in very scientific terms, everything is connected. That which appears physical and that which appears non-physical are simply different forms or expressions of the same thing. This formula is expressed as E = mc2. But what exactly does this have to do with the quality of your relationships? Everything, because everything is connected.

The Way You Feel is Connected to the Love You Attract

In every interaction, the energy you walk in with sets a tone for the experience you’ll have when you walk out. You bring the potent energy of your thoughts, moods, and expectations into every situation you encounter. You’re not a blank slate when you walk into a job interview, or meet someone for a first date. The vibration you are offering is felt, received and returned by everyone and everything you come into contact with. Those around us mirror back to us the way that we feel – about them, about the world, and about ourselves.

Energy Mastery Principle #2: Everything is connected, and your relationships are your mirror.

Our thoughts, feelings, expectations, attitudes and moods all combine to create our moment-to-moment personal vibration. And this vibration is an energy that we broadcast to the far corners of the universe. There is no true separation between the inner world of thought and the outer world of form. Everything is connected.

Because we live in a world of energy, the entire universe receives and responds to our vibration. So in a very real sense, each of us is responsible for what we magnetize into our lives. And this has an immediate and profound effect on our relationships. The energy we receive from others is always a direct match to the energy we are offering within ourselves.

If you don’t feel listened to, you need to ask yourself how well you are listening to yourself. If you’re feeling unimportant or disregarded, this is cause for taking a personal inventory. Are there places in your life where you are dismissing or disregarding yourself?

The level to which we accept, or disapprove of, ourselves is reflected back to us in the mirror of relationships.

Energy Mastery Principle #3: Everything is connected, and the way you feel about yourself is reflected in how others feel about you.

Our senses tell us that each part of our lives is separate and unrelated. How well we keep our commitments at work has nothing to do with how well our SO treats us. But this seeming separation is only an illusion.

Remember that energy and matter are two forms or expressions of the same thing. Everything is connected.

What is currently manifested in your life as a tangible, observable circumstance was created from – and nurtured by – your energy. And so, if you aren’t happy with the quality of any current manifestation in your life, the remedy is simple. Change the quality of the energy that you flow toward that situation, circumstance, or relationship. As your internal energy toward it changes, eventually, so will the outer form.

How you feel about yourself is imprinted in your energy body, and this energy forms the basis of your life.

When you feel good about yourself, you are a magnet for love.

Unless we’re on good terms with ourselves, it’s just impossible to be on good terms with life. It doesn’t matter how admiring or admirable those around are. If we’re not in a receptive state, even the most sincere gestures of love and appreciation bounce off of us.

Unless we’re rooted in self-love, aware of and attentive to our needs, we can’t feel loved or happy.

Self-love is so talked about that it’s almost become a cliché. But self-love is not some lofty aspiration or something to make a New Year’s resolution around. It’s a daily practice.

The Daily Practice of Self-Love

Make an effort to find things to appreciate about yourself. You can write lists of your positive aspects, or spend a few minutes in the mirror sending yourself love.

Give yourself permission to say no to environments and people that are not nourishing to you. And if an encounter begins to tip toward the negative, know that you are entitled to step away. Setting appropriate boundaries with others is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with yourself.

Most of all, practice vibrating in harmony – in thoughts, words, and expectations – with the outcomes you want. There is no value in pushing against the outcomes you don’t want. When you become a vibrational match to something you desire, it will find a way to unfold in your experience. Remember, everything is connected. The love that you’re seeking is also seeking you.

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