Do you know the key to creating a bright, awesome future? 

Feeling your way into that future. 
Imagining that future. 
Believing and remembering that the future you want exists right now. 

And what blocks most people from experiencing their bright future? 

The past parts of us that got stuck in grief. 

And the NOW part of us that are anticipating the grief of the future. 

Most people misunderstand grief.

If we have grief, that means we’ve loved. Grief is a process in which we experience one side of the spectrum, whether because we have loved or because we love.

Because we open ourselves up so profoundly to those that we love, we can have anticipatory grief thinking about them not being around or us losing them.

That creates angst in the now, constricts, and can limit the amount of love that we allow ourselves to feel because we fear that we won’t have that person in the future. 

Well… we are going to clear these things during the Dealing With Grief And Trauma Workshops starting this Saturday.  

You will learn how to process grief whenever it is a part of your life and in a way that will not paralyze or crush you.

Come join us for the next two Saturdays for

Releasing Grief and Trauma (Past, Present and Future) 
– Busting Through Your Blocks.

June 8th & 15th (Two Saturday Workshops) at 9am-12pm PT / 12-3pm ET
(replays included)


Bring a notebook, pen, and tissues along with your willingness to clear all those past griefs that you didn’t properly process so you can feel better in your now and you don’t anticipate grief in the future.

You are infinitely loved,
Christy & The Council


Dealing with Grief and Trauma - Busting Through Your Blocks