I have something VERY exciting to share with you today…

Law of Attraction guru and co-founder of Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell, asked me to be a guest on her popular online TV show, The Inspiration Show!

Watch my interview right here

I have been using the Law of Attraction for 15 years, but during the show I reveal that the LOA is only one of 7 universal laws…

Hear about the other 6 universal laws right here.

During the interview, I share how my life has completely transformed in the last 15 years since discovering the LOA, including manifesting a successful company, my wonderful husband, and 2 amazing sons!

But, my life didn’t always look this way, find out how I moved past the struggle that I had been previously accustomed to by understanding these laws.

I hope you enjoyed this show as much as I did making it for you! 🙂

Have a wonderful day,