The Quantum Council: On Releasing Negative Thoughts
Channeled by Christy Whitman

Right now, no matter where you are or what your circumstances, you have an enormous power at your fingertips. And that power is your freedom to choose the direction of your focus. Those moments when we’re blindsided by intrusive or negative thoughts may feel out of our control, but they are not.

“How can I clear out remnants of old thought patterns, like not feeling that I can have what I want, and allow myself to have success?”

This was the question recently posed to Christy and the Quantum Council. The Council is a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand our innate creative power and worthiness. Christy Whitman receives the Council’s energetic transmissions, and – as a skilled coach and transformational leader – finds language to interpret their messages.

The universal principles of attraction and momentum are at work in every moment and in every facet of our lives. This article will show you how to deliberately use these principles to release negative thoughts. To hear the Council speak directly to this subject, please click on the link below the article.

Thoughts are Things

Everything in the universe is comprised of particles of energy which are constantly moving, and at varying rates of speed. Matter is energy. Fear is energy. Love is energy. And thoughts are energy. The energy generated by our thoughts moves in currents and streams that are always leading in a particular direction. Some thought currents lead to wanted manifestations; others lead to unwanted experiences. And, the stronger the stream of thought, the more momentum is generated toward those eventual outcomes.

In the same way that grooves are created on a well-traveled road, our focus creates grooves in our thought patterns. The more focus we apply to any one subject, the more easily we’ll be drawn to that subject in the future. This is because, through the powerful Law of Attraction, thoughts of like frequency are magnetized to one another. Our habitual thoughts – whether positive or negative – are nothing more than a manifestation of energetic momentum.

Momentum is Responsible for Habitual Thoughts

Momentum is the principle behind Newton’s first law of physics: An object at rest tends to remain static, while a moving object is likely to maintain forward motion. It’s easy to understand how this law applies to objects in our physical world, such as a train barreling down a track. But it also applies to the trajectory of our most chronic and dominant thoughts.

When it comes to our moment-to-moment thoughts, most of us unwittingly practice what can only be described as “reverse momentum.” Thoughts like, “I don’t deserve success,” “Why is this so hard?” or “I’ll never succeed,” attract to us the very outcomes we are trying to avoid. And, most of us have become so accustomed to negative momentum thoughts that they actually occur to us as “normal.”

It’s “normal” to spend hours obsessing over insecurities or self-doubts. It’s “normal” to live in a kind of perpetual state of frenzy or overwhelm. It’s “normal” to give petty annoyances so much mental air time that we miss the joys of the present moment.

Every thought we think generates momentum, and the more attention we give to the thought, the more momentum we create. Put simply, if we think terrible thoughts, we not only feel terrible, but are more likely to create terrible outcomes. Thankfully this also works in reverse. With a little attention, we can align our thoughts with the positive outcomes we desire to create.

Reversing the Momentum of Thought

Consider the direction of statements such as, “I’m perfect for this project” or, “Things always seem to work out for the best,” or, “I’ve succeeded many times before.” The energy generated by these thoughts is high, fast-moving, and we feel fabulous when we think about them. Every thought you have generates momentum – either in the direction of something wanted or something unwanted. There are no neutral thoughts.

And so, the key to releasing negative thoughts is to catch them before their momentum carries us too far down an unwanted path.

Here are 3 steps to help you neutralize and reverse the momentum of negative thoughts:

  1. Begin by acknowledging that no matter how much momentum a habitual thought has already gained, momentum is simply energy in motion, and energy can turn on a dime. This reversal begins in the subtle realm of the mind; not at the level of action, but at the level of thought.
  2. Make a commitment to more consciously and deliberately choose your thoughts, and notice the difference in your mood as you do. Don’t try to weed out all negatively all at once, but rather lean in direction of the thought that feels best in each situation and moment.
  3. As the momentum of your positive thoughts and feelings continues to build, allow yourself to follow inspired impulses to take action, and become receptive to clues toward greater fulfillment that the universe is always providing.

When you allow positive momentum to build in the silent realm of thought and emotion, it is only a matter of time before that positivity manifests in the visible world around you. This is the secret to creating more good days than bad, and to turning negative thoughts into life-giving upward spirals.