Do you want to feel better? To let go of pain and discomfort? To improve your relationship with money?

This powerful 3 step process explained and demonstrated will help you go from questioning the existence of the law of attraction to help you use the law of attraction to focus and influence what you truly want and allow yourself to feel and align your desires to take action and move from disconnection to alignment.

It’s So Easy, But how many do it? Follow These Steps to Manifest your Greatest Desires.

And it is a version of the New Year’s Eve Meditation, with me (Christy) talking about how to get it to work for what you want to attract, and less for what you don’t want. 


7 Essential Laws Mastery eBundle

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If you want a new relationship, more money, a new job, or even freedom from anxiety and depression, then start by learning the 7 Essential Laws. Using stories, analogies and easy-to-understand language, The 7 Essential Laws eBook provides simple guidelines for how to apply these universal principles in your own life. And to enhance your Essential Laws experience, you will also receive the 7-Day Guided Energy Healing Meditation videos, worksheets and affirmation cards.

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