Manifesting Your Desires To Overcome Your Obstacles

Manifesting your desires is an inherently joyful experience! Just think about the energy that courses through you when you’re in the presence of a freshly-hatched desire. It’s life-giving, contagious, compelling to think about, and incredibly attractive. Desire is necessary for satisfaction. The real joy in life comes from wanting something, at first out of reach, and then watching it unfold.

How Desires Were Meant to Unfold

Our desires are meant to manifest naturally, from the inner world of thought into the external world of form. Desire is supposed to feel good, and inspire us to become better, more expansive, more joyful versions of ourselves.

When we meet our desires with eagerness and positive expectation, they manifest easily, and we delight in their unfolding. But what if a fresh new desire is not met with belief, but with fear or pessimism or doubt? What happens to the expansive energy of a new desire when others resist or oppose what we want?

Doubt and disbelief dilute the powerful energy of desire and block its seamless manifestation. Instead of experiencing the joy that comes from growing into an improved reality, we grow frustrated, resentful, or resigned.

Here are three common obstacles that might be stopping your desires from manifesting.

By understanding how you are opposing the energy of your desire, you can redirect your energy to release those blocks.

Obstacle #1: You allow other people’s negativity to dampen your enthusiasm.

Is the world filled with pessimistic, unhappy people who seem to thrive on negativity? Absolutely. Do you have to allow their energy to affect your ability to manifest your desires? Absolutely not!

Unconscious patterns of reactivity block the easy manifestation of our desires. If we simply fall in line with the moods and actions of others, we’re not creating our lives on purpose. We’re unconsciously reacting to what’s already been created, and diminishing our power tremendously in the process.

When we stumble into a situation energetically unprepared, we naturally harmonize with whatever energy is the most dominant. A much more powerful alternative is to take time to prepare ourselves – in thought, mood, and expectation – for what’s ahead.

Think of preparing your energy field in the same way you prepare a physical environment.

If you were committed to creating a romantic atmosphere, you’d probably decorate with flowers or light some candles. To create an environment for work or study, you’d clear away the clutter and have pens and paper on hand. In much the same way, you can make your energetic environment conducive to the manifestation of your desires.

You can decide who you want to be and how you want to feel before you walk into any interaction. You can decide in advance how you want to show up and then set yourself up to experience that in every way you can think of. All that’s required is a commitment to utilizing the power of your focus.

Once a new desire occurs within you, there are only two basic positions you can take in relation to it. You can focus either on its lack or its abundance. You can make the absence or the presence of what you desire foremost in your mind. With the power of your focus, you can zoom in to any experience of reality you desire. You can use your powerful mind to find fault or to look for things to praise. You can observe what’s missing, or you can appreciate all that you already have. And whatever reality you direct your focus toward, just know that that reality will expand.

Obstacle #2: You get impatient or discouraged when something you want doesn’t materialize fast enough.

In the same way that life unfolds in predictable seasons, the manifestation of every desire also occurs in seasons or phases. Once you understand this process, you can stop working against it and become a cooperative co-creator in your own manifestations.

All manifestations must begin with a desire. Whenever life shows us something unwanted, we naturally give birth to a desire for something different. Rather than judging the condition that gave rise to the new desire, you can choose to appreciate it instead. Because if that contrast did not exist, neither would the possibility for improvement.

When you observe something you want and feel that initial rush of excitement, you’re being called toward an expanded reality. The larger, wiser part of you knows what’s possible for you. It knows what your next stage of evolution will bring. That’s why you light up when you come into contact with something that triggers your potential.

To work with, and not against, this stage of your desire’s unfolding, appreciate everything that triggered the desire within you. Realize that it’s only when you become aware of a limitation that you have the possibility of growing beyond it. Within the problem itself lies the solution. Both are needed in order to manifest your desires. And the faster you bless the problem as a necessary part of the manifestation, the faster the manifestation will unfold.

Obstacle #3: Past failures and self-doubts prevent you from clearly imagining a bigger or brighter future.

Many of us were taught that if we don’t remember our history, we are destined to repeat it. The fact is, continuing to dwell on the past prevents us from creating different results in the future.

You are not defined by anything you have created – or not created – in the past. And you are certainly not destined to repeat past mistakes.

The all-powerful Law of Attraction is not designed to bring us what we want. It is designed to bring us what we expect—in the form of people, circumstances, and experiences. This means if you’re worrying, doubtful, or angry, you’re actively planning for an unsatisfying future experience. If you’re eager, appreciative and joyful, you’re using your creative power to prepare for a future that will delight you.

In this moment, you can tune yourself to the frequency of your desire – not as an idea but as a fully realized experience.

Simply by directing your attention, you can select from the infinite range of human experiences and harmonize with what’s pleasing.

Feed your desire with your loving attention, and you will pull it close to you. Treat your desire like a dear friend coming to visit. Prepare a space for it. Think loving thoughts of it often. Greet and acknowledge it wherever you see it. Love the very idea of all of your future manifestations, and you magnetize them to you.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Her forthcoming book, The Desire Factor, will be released in the spring of 2021. If you’re ready to discover the limitlessness of your own wisdom and power, join Christy’s conscious community and begin to manifest greater abundance in your life with 7 days of free meditations. Pre-Order The Desire Factor today and receive special bonuses.