Energy Self-Healing with Christy Whitman

The body has the ability to heal itself, and human beings have the divine design to be in well-being.  If you can align yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, and speak only of health and well-being and feel what it feels to be like in vitality, the cells of your body will reconfigure themselves back into well-being. But how do you do this? On today’s podcast, Christy Whitman shares how you can activate the inner healer inside of you so you can start healing your body with energy.

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The Energy Vortex with Christy & The Council

How To Heal Your Body With Energy

Human beings have the divine design to be in well-being. When you scrape your arm, there’s nothing you need to do. Your body naturally scabs up and creates new skin. Much of the evidence of this is how your body gets back into equilibrium, vitality and well-being when you align with it. Unfortunately, most humans do not know or are not aware of the many studies that have done in your human plane on science on how your thoughts and emotions affect your health and well-being. You can even say that the perspectives that you hold or the words that you choose to speak when you say, “I am sick. I am this or I am that.” You’ve been diagnosed with something, you put a label on it, and then you feed into it saying, “I am this. I have a knee problem. I have a thyroid problem.”

There is so much in your society about the medical community and that you go more in what science says than what is pure potentiality. You have the potential in your physical body, no matter where you are in your health and well-being, on the spectrum from ill to in full well-being. At this moment, you have an opportunity to align back with the divine that is breathing you, beating your heart and pulsating your blood. That divine design of you in its likeness of well-being no matter how far you’ve come. If you can align yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, speaking only of health and well-being, feeling what it feels to be like in vitality, you will then have the cells of your body reconfiguring themselves back into well-being. How do you do this? Let’s say you have an ache or a pain. It could be back pain. Your body is a map of where you need to pay attention to your own consciousness.

As you have a pain in whatever part of your body, this is a place where stuck energy has not flowed through. There are thoughts and emotions that created that pain. If you were to bring in light down in those parts where you are feeling the pain and you are having the awareness of the pain, not to push against it, not to try to take a pill to get rid of it, the places where you are out of alignment with well-being. If you would allow yourself to sit with the pain, the discomfort, the dissonance, the resistance and ask your physical body what are you communicating to me?

Your body will share information with you and through you about what you are experiencing and how you can think, feel and therefore create differently. Having the awareness that something is off, not suppressing it nor denying it, having the acceptance of it by not pushing against it, but sitting with it, accepting it, and looking at it as pure energy. If you feel the pain, ask your divine self, your healer in the sky and in your body, the one that’s breathing that’s always with you, your inner healer. Ask your inner healer to start shifting the energy around it, to let it release. You are in an attraction-based universe, not an assertion-based universe. You have free will and choice. When you decide to say, “No more,” to ill health, disease or pain because you would know you’re not a victim of it.

When you say, “I am the energy master. I get to create my life the way I desire it to be including my body.” This is the thing I’m closest to. As a human being, I can decide the energy I want to bring in. I can decide the energy flow. I can decide the thoughts and the emotions I have mastered over myself. When you choose and ask for health and well-being, you go back into your natural alignment, it isn’t like you have to go far to get it. It is who you have been designed to be. Your cells naturally want to thrive. They want to function with each other in beautiful harmony. When you ask, it is given.

As you pay attention more to what you do want in health and well-being, then you have the awareness, create the acceptance of that energy, and take action, then with your thoughts, words, emotions with your physical body. If you’re inactive, get active. If you’re eating poor foods that do not support your body, eat foods that enliven your body. If you are doing things like vices, smoking, drinking too much soda, coffee, sugar, things like this or you’re having vices inside of your head that is complaining, comparing, things that pull you off of your well-being. These are things that will not return you to your natural well-being.

Meditation, sitting in contemplation of well-being, feeling the flow of well-being flow through you, and all of your cells being filled up with light are always for you to start the process where you will attract the perfect information. Maybe someone gives you a book or tells you a person that you want to go to as a rolfer or a nutritionist or somebody that can help you align, but it all starts to one, with your free will and choice to align back with your natural well-being. You have an inner healer inside of you. Your divine design is to be in well-being and you have the choice. It all starts with energy. Be well. You are infinitely loved.




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