Each of us has energy vortexes. Not only that, but we also have to power to release those vortexes that are producing what you don’t want and instead create vortexes that create what you do want. Coming to us from Sedona, Christy Whitman takes a deep dive into vortex energy imprints and how we can take control of them to manifest what we want into our outer reality. Join in and learn about this incredible ability that your body has been harboring all along.

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The Energy Vortex with Christy & The Council

Manifest With Vortex Energy Imprints

We are here because we are in Sedona and we have been doing videos on the different vortexes. We wanted to explain what a vortex is. Your Earth plane has places where there is a powerful energy surge that when you come to these places, you feel expanded, enlightened, the spiritual connection to yourself and to all other earth. Each one of you has energy vortexes inside of you. When you have an imprint when you are working with the Law of Attraction, wanting to manifest your life and things continue to manifest in your outer reality, such as lack of something, lack of money, and love. What then is important for you to understand is that energy must flow in and must flow out. When it does not, when you have collapsed around energy, instead of feeling the energy, what happens is it creates an energy vortex because energy itself cannot remain in a place of equilibrium.

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It needs to continue to move and it creates a vortex. That vortex then creates evidence of what you see in your life and your reality. It starts to pull towards it, things like vibration. What’s important to understand about that is that your outer reality is a reflection of what is happening in your physical body. You have energy vortexes, and here’s the good news. You can release those vortexes that are producing what you don’t want and create instead energy vortexes that create what you do want. You have energy vortexes in your heart. As you open up your heart and put it towards the heavens, the light is another way of saying it expanded into love.

It creates a vortex of energy. It creates a pulling in of this energy so that you then see more evidence of love in your life. An energy vortex is all around your earth plane, and they are all inside of you. As you feel your way into where are you in a place of restriction in your body, you can take that by simply asking that energy to release, see, feel it as a vortex, as a stuck point. You can feel that and let it move out and then create and bring in the energy and vibration that you do want to experience. The love, the joy, the abundance you can bring in and let then that exude out of your body. That becomes how you magnetize. Remember, dear ones, that when you are manifesting anything in your reality and working with the Law of Attraction, there is a momentum that has happened from these vortices.

When you release them, it’s like a client of ours had said, it’s like being in the ocean and seeing an iceberg. It takes time to maneuver the ship away from the iceberg. There is a momentum that has to happen. You are literally shifting your ship away from what you don’t want to what you do want and in doing so, there is the momentum that has already happened in the direction of where you weren’t wanting to go. We are saying be patient, and continue to be consistent, moving in the direction that you do want after you’ve released your own energy vortex, your vortex inside of you. You might have many that have plugging up the places in the flow. Allow yourself to create new ones in your mind, in your heart, in your soul reflexes, and create the life that you desire and deserve. We love you, dear ones. Be well.

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