Everything boils down to perception, even loss. No matter what we have perceived to have lost, it places on us an emotional burden that takes work to overcome. What do we need to do when we grieve? How do we let go of someone or something that has been lost to us? Listen intently as Christy Whitman brings in The Council to give us valuable information.—

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Overcoming Emotional Burden Of Loss

We are here answering the question of how do you grieve? How do you let go of something that you are missing? Understand that as humans, you tend to have a view of your past and the mind wants to take you to what it is missing, what it is lacking, what did it separate from? As a spiritual being, your energy is flowing through you now and forward. What you have as far as energy, sorrow, and grief in the past will continue to project into your future if you do not let it go. There is a grief process and many have said that it is a five-step process. It is feeling yourself, giving yourself time to feel the anger, the sadness, the disappointment, whatever is happening. You do that by being present with yourself. Go into your belly. Let your mind take a vacation. Let yourself be in your body. Feel the pulsation of whatever emotion during your process of grief is coming up for you, and turn your attention to what you do want and how you do want to feel.

As your mind stays stuck in lack, it feels bad. As your mind tells you stories of what it used to have and it now doesn’t, what it is missing, or what it cannot have, you will stay stuck in a place where your divine self cannot and will not meet you. Diverting your attention to what you do want, what you do want to feel, and connecting with a future where you are feeling great and thriving will bring you to a new expansion of life.

When you have something shift in your life like the death of someone, a loss of a job, a marriage, or child, things of this nature, even the loss of an animal that you deeply love, you have to feel the sorrow. You have to let yourself process the energy of it. As you do that, and you focus on what your future now looks like with a different projection, you create a different reality. When you’re going down a path and something shifts from what you were future projecting, you feel lonely. It is a normal natural human perspective. If you can start to focus on your new vision and what you do want in any aspect of your life, you then can start moving and flowing the energy because your divine self is in pure positive energy, wanting to co-create with you and moving forward into your new life.

To move the perception of loss, it is a perception because what if that divorce burst something better for you, expanded for you? What if that loss of a human that you knew, you now have an angel on your side, which you do? There’s always a shift in perspective. As you shift your perspective to what is good and right, how you are being supported, and allowing your faith portal, your third eye to open up, you will find yourself in a completely different reality. You are loved. Grieving is possible for humans, but you have to take an active approach in the process. We love you and you’ve got this. Be well.

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