The Drama Triangle created by Stephen Karpman in the ‘60s is one of the social models of human interaction. Each side represents the triangle of actors in the drama – the oppressor or persecutor, the victim, and the rescuer. On today’s podcast, Christy Whitman talks about how it is much more a triangle of lack and how you can dissolve these three roles, especially the persecutor when you move into divine faith and choose to focus there.

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The Drama Triangle

We are here. One of the ways that humans function together in relationships is in this pattern, which psychologists for years, as a matter of fact, since the ‘60s, Stephen Karpman created the idea of the Drama Triangle. It has been talked about in psychology over and over again. We want to talk about it how it is a sticky point. It is a triangle of lack. It is a place where limitation, separation, suffering, trauma, and chaos is birthed, contained, developed, and expressed. There are three roles within side of this triangle. One of them is the persecutor. The persecutor is the one that always has to be policing the universe. The one that’s like, “That’s wrong. They are not wearing a mask. They are not doing this, and they are not off their cell phone Mrs. Lady on the plane. That’s not right. This person shouldn’t be doing that. This person shouldn’t be doing this.”

When you are playing the persecutor either to others or to yourself, like the roles inside the Drama Triangle, you are not in alignment with your pure potentiality, with your love, with your divine design of abundance, success, loving, and supportive relationships, or your well being. One way that you know you’re playing the persecutor and inside of the Drama Triangle is by feeling jealousy, envy, and by trying to make other people wrong or bad for desiring what they desire, or for going after their dreams, for creating what they want. When you are there and pointing fingers at that person shouldn’t do that or they shouldn’t want that or condemning them for having what they have created. It is because you are out of alignment with your creative power. If you knew that you had the power to create your desires the way you desire them to be, what others do is none of your business.

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It has no effect on what you create in your life. You’ll get to be the power and the authority of your life. You get out of the dysfunction of the Drama Triangle by being in the circle of love, by being in alignment with your divine self, and by asking yourself, “What do I want?” This person might do this, this person might do that, this person might have contrast in their lives, or this person might not be showing up in an authentic way and it upsets you. You get to then decide for yourself, “I don’t want to be like that. That’s the contrast of how I don’t want to show up, but I’m going to understand that I have that potential to not be authentic.” We’re all human. There’s a whole spectrum of life experiences but when you decide for yourself who you want to be, what you want to experience, what do you want to do, what do you want to have, and then have faith. Your faith portal is your third eye. You cannot not express faith. You see faith is an action.

It is you as a free-wheeled human being that chooses either faith in what you do not want and moving in the direction of the persecutor, and the contrast and all of these things or you’ll move in the direction of what you do want, focusing on what you want, why you want it, how you want to feel and experience life. As you move and practice this divine faith, your strength and wisdom kicks in. You are available to laugh, to a heart filled with hope, joy, love, expansion, and enthusiasm for life. You then kick in to being the authority of your life. Having an understanding that you affect everything in your reality, you are not at the effect. You are the cause of all the things that you want in your life. When you are playing the persecutor, when you are condemning, judging, feeling jealous or envious, shooting on someone or even yourself, you are not in this place. When you open up your faith portal, you open up a portal to a new way of life as an energy master.

You have a choice in any moment. You don’t have a choice if you are going to have faith or not. You’re either going to have it in the direction of what you don’t want leading to more of what you don’t want, to more of lack and limitation, or you’re moving it in the direction of what you do want and experience a life filled with the treasures and the divine design that is yours. It is your choice. You cannot not think, you cannot not have faith. When you move into divine faith and you choose to focus there, the roles of the Drama Triangle, the victim, the rescuer, and especially the persecutor dissolve. You are an empowered, powerful, loved being creating great influence in your life and in others. We love you, dear one. Be well.

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P.S. Next episode we have an incredible session from The Council in a different part of Sedona where they speak about energy imprints and how they affect our manifestations.

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