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Does our soul, like our human experience, die or end? Christy Whitman and the Council share their insights as they talk about the soul journey and consciousness. Where does our soul belong, on Earth, or the universe? Can we go back to the nonphysical world? They answer these questions and more in this episode.


Soul Journey & Consciousness With The Council

The soul never ends or dies. It does not have an experience like the human experience where there are the birth and the death of the body. Your soul continuous to live on. Whether it decides to take a body again is the soul’s choice, but the soul lives on and will continue to.

Therefore, has our soul always existed and there was no beginning?

We’ll put it in this way. In the beginning, there was the one. The one individualized itself into the souls which then became the consciousness of each of you, and all of those that went before you, and all of those that will be in the future. In the beginning, there was one which then individually turned itself into individual souls as it moved in creation.  

I understand that. If a soul has had a physical life on earth, does that soul usually choose to return to earth for soul expansion, or might the soul choose to expand in other places in the universe?

It is always the soul’s choice but it’s a mixed bag. You might have a soul that wants to come in and have an experience as an animal, and then the next lifetime wants to have an experience as a human. Maybe the next time they want to sit it out for a lifetime then would lay to say, “I’m ready to take a body again.” You might have some souls that are ready to roll up their sleeve and they’d go from body to body, and they never take a break until they’re ready to say, “Done.” They continue on and on. It is different and it is always the co-creation of the soul with the divine. It is what they are looking for. Not in many words but for the human mind to understand, it is if the divine wants to individuate itself inside of certain circumstances and situations.  

The soul agrees and says, “We’ll go down. I’ll be your person. I’ll be your soul that you can come through this person that you’re wanting to express yourself as.” It’s always through the soul. If you think of it from a vibrational place or a multidimensionality place, it comes from the diagram that Christy showed you during the experience. It’s the wholeness into the coming down in energy into the soul body which then comes into a higher self and out into personality. The energy has to lower itself in vibration in order to be in a physical form. It now has to do that through a soul.

I was also wondering if you were wearing out the earth lifetime now, would we choose to be somewhere else but not on the earth plane?

Yes, you can, dear one. That is an individual choice that you will make as a soul when you want to go back in nonphysical. There’s no time in space. You can go and come very quickly.

When we go back into nonphysical, what do we do?

You dance, party, float, fly and celebrate. You’re in the energy. You’re in pure bliss without any time constraints and without any restriction.

When our soul makes the choice to return for another solid expansion, does the soul know that it will forget why it was choosing to take the physical form? If it does, is that part of the learning process?

It’s part of the consciousness part of the process. It’s part of the remembrance part of the process. It’s for the soul to remember love and expand in love regardless of circumstances or situation. It does not have the memory of why it chose. It doesn’t even remember that it chose until someone conscious like yourself sits in front of someone that says you chose to be here and the soul goes, “Yes, that’s true.” You also chose your parents by the way.

That’s true too. There’s a remembrance when you bump up against these spiritual truths. That’s why when Christy first sat in front of her meditation teacher, she didn’t say you chose to be here or that you chose your parents. She said, “You create your own reality.” The soul inside of her, she felt this visceral, “Yes, that’s true.” She went, “I never heard that before. There’s a part of me that knows that to be true,” and then her mind kicked in and went, “How?”

The teacher spoke very spiritual truths that you are attracting or repelling experiences in your life about the thoughts you think. That soul went, “Yes.” Her mind then kicked in and went, “How?” There’s this soul recognition and this soul remembrance that comes out, and all of you would not be here. All of you have had many moments of this soul remembrance finding those spiritual light breadcrumbs that you left for yourself before you came into the body.

When we then go back into the one consciousness, do we reassess that, “I was coming for this expansion and didn’t quite get to that so I would choose that again?” Do you go back and be in the bliss?

You’ll go back and be in the bliss. There’s no judgment. It is funny where some religions will say, “There are the pearly gates and then there’s the judgment period.” That really is not. It’s all love.

QSS SOUL | Soul Journey

Soul Journey: The soul never ends or dies. It does not have an experience like the human experience where there are the birth and the death of the body. Your soul continues to live on.


Is there no reflection on anything with this lifetime?

No, there’s no judgment as to whether you get it or not. This is a story in the religions to control the people in the masses, that you’re going to be judged when you go back and if you do good or you do bad because this will then determine if you go high or low. This is a nice story for children in churches. It’s a good consequence reward and it is a way to maintain order. It’s a way to keep people in the drama triangle by manipulating and controlling them. It is not a spiritual truth. You don’t go through any gates and there is no heaven or hell. You just go back into like at the end of the day, you’ve been wearing high heels and makeup. You take off your high heels and you put your sweat pants on. You take your makeup off and you sit on the couch and you sigh. That’s a thousand-fold.

Thank you so much, counsel.

You’re welcome.

It’s been great learning. Thank you.


You are infinitely loved,
Christy & The Council

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