You are the most powerful force in your life. Not the government. Not circumstances, and not mass consciousness. You.

Think about it.

Who besides you has the power to influence your state of being? Who besides you has the power to decide when to focus your attention and on what? Who chooses whether to fill your senses with nourishing, expansive ideas or to consume every opinion manufactured by the mass media? Who determines how you spend your time, and what possibilities you contemplate within the privacy of your own heart and mind?

You – as the famous poem Invictus tells us – are “the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.” You are the pilot of your own ship, because no matter who gets elected, you alone have power over your own state of consciousness.

Now for those who get this and are living it, this message will be a nice reminder. Those who understand this concept intellectually but are not yet living it, are no doubt suffering the most.

The candidate who ultimately wins the election will inherit a certain degree of power, but that person does not have any real power over us.

And yet, when we allow ourselves to judge, criticize, complain about, or feel victimized by the actions of any other person, we give our power away to them.

The President of the United States can’t put words in your mouth. The president cannot take hold of your mind and think your thoughts for you. The president is not in control of the perspective you choose to hold about any given situation. And, no matter what you believe to be true, you and you alone are the one that chooses how you feel.

Because we are each born with the gift of free will, we have 100% agency over our perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, expectations, and moods.

You’ve heard it said before: Everything is energy. This is not woo woo; this is true true! And it’s vital to your own happiness, success, and peace of mind that you start living this truth.

When you project thoughts of judgment, your personal energy field plummets and you feel bad. Your creative energy is diminished and even your body registers the stress.

But is the president negatively affected by your judgment? Absolutely not! Your negative energy doesn’t affect his bank account, but it can affect yours! Your contracted state of being doesn’t strain his relationships, but it may create conflict in yours! Your judgment can’t take away his sense of peace and harmony, but it will diminish yours. The contradiction in your vibration doesn’t affect his alignment with the stream of pure, positive energy that sources all things, but it affects your relationship with the stream, which in turn affects every single facet of your inner and outer life.

The Divine in us does not judge, because it focuses solely on love and appreciation. The Divine in us is in a state of pure, positive flow of all good-feeling energy, which is available to us in every moment, no matter what is going on in our circumstances, relationships or experiences.

When we judge, condemn, complain, or rail against, we hold ourselves temporarily apart from this flow.

To reclaim our power and our innate right to happiness, abundance, and peace, we must give up our judgments about ourselves, about others, and even about the world we live in.

Remember, no one has control over your free will. You are the only one who has control over what you say, how you think, what you perceive, and ultimately, how you feel. You are the only one who can choose to focus on what you perceive as problems or to imagine their solutions. You are the one who will decide to think about what’s wrong or on what seems to be falling apart or to direct the powerful, creative force of your attention on what you do want to live and what you do want to experience.

When you start to take 100% responsibility for the direction of your own awareness, you reclaim creative control of your life. And if you hold others responsible for the way you feel, you are willingly giving this power away. No one has power over you unless you give them the power over your mind, emotions, and attitude.

So, as we approach the election, whether your chosen candidate wins or doesn’t win, your life will be what you make it.

Decide now to release your judgment. Release the criticism. Release the hate. Release the rigidness with which you cling to your own opinions and perspectives – first within yourself, and then towards everyone and everything. Feel the relief wash over you.

To truly have peace, abundance, harmony, and joy in your life, you have only to let go of the things that block the flow of the Divine energy that is there waiting and wanting to flow through and with you. This energy is available to you at every moment. You summon it with every thought you think. Now is the time to decide: What will you use this energy to create?