What Is The Law Of Allowing With Christy Whitmn

Do you want to live a happier, ease-filled life?   The Law of Allowing will show you how to remove negativity and frustration from your life.  

Applying the Law of Allowing is the key to accepting the present moment, knowing we can control our perception of it.  Allowing brings us absolute freedom from negativity and frustration, because we are no longer fighting battles that aren’t our own. 

The law of allowing is one of the hardest laws for most people to get because the law of allowing is really understanding resistance.

  • Anytime we have a thought that doesn’t feel good
  • Anytime we’re having a perspective that doesn’t feel good
  • anytime we’re feeling some kind of resistance of any kind

we are not allowing.

The best way to get clear on what we want, is knowing what we don’t want.

Watch the video below to understand this powerful law and how to use it to attract more of what you do want.


“Nothing that we’re pushing against is upstream. But if we just put in the oars, let the boat naturally turn itself around. Let light come in. Let yourself continue to feel either compassion or connection, gratitude. … Write down what you want and give gratitude for what you have now and give gratitude for what is coming. That’s the feeling of going with the flow. And if you bump up against anything that’s resisting, just understand you just got to let go, surrender, because you’re not in a space of allowing.” ~Christy Whitman


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