The Law Of Attraction With Christy Whitman


I hosted a show called You and Your LIfe Are Unlimited Show on the Win Win Women network. 

Throughout the show, I share inspiring and sometimes hilarious stories of my personal manifestation journey with you.

Each week I share one simple and easy process that you can utilize in your daily life to stop feeling bad and start feeling great! 

Listening to the show, you will also find practical tips, and effective tools to help shift you back into your Divine Design of Well-being, Abundance, Success, and Loving & Supportive Relationships.

This first week is an introduction and we also discuss what is The Law Of Attraction and how it works. This show is the foundation, because as these shows progress we are building on steps.



Enjoy the Show!


“Our Inner guide always knows what’s in our hearts, and it gives us those ideas to bring forth and to manifest. And because we have free will, we have to acknowledge the receiving of it. We have to ask for the knowledge and the awareness to be revealed to us.” ~Christy Whitman


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