Celebrate Yourself

September – Note from Christy
September 3, 2013
Monthly Meditation & Affirmations
September 4, 2013

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”

Walt Whitman

If you don’t celebrate you, who will? We are so used to minimizing our accomplishments, cutting ourselves down, criticizing ourselves, and comparing ourselves to other people. How are you supposed to feel good about yourself if you are not celebrating YOU?

Do you enjoy yourself? Do you have a good time by yourself? Do you honor yourself? Do you stop and recognize all the greatness you are and give into this world? If you don’t do it for you, who is going to? Remember, when you start giving to yourself, that is when the rest of the world will give to you! Celebrate yourself and witness how others celebrate you too!

Whenever I have a coaching client who has finished one of my programs, I have them celebrate their success. What you focus upon expands, based on the Law of Attraction. When you allow the feelings of success into your body, you will vibrate in that state, and you will continue to create more success for yourself and your life.

Celebrating yourself will raise your vibration and expand you. It will give you more confidence in creating something else in your life. And, it changes you biochemically.

“Celebrate Yourself” playsheet:

  1. Ask yourself, “What have I accomplished today that I can be proud of?”
  2. How do you handle success? Do you brush off your success as if it was just pure luck, or do you really honor and celebrate your success? Do you acknowledge that you created this success?
  3. When you have little accomplishments, ground your accomplishments by anchoring in that feeling of celebration. For example, raise your arms to the sky and say, “Yes!” Or make a fist and pull your arm into your body and say, “Yes!” These are ways of anchoring in the feelings of success and celebration. Ground your success and celebrate it.
  4. Stop and celebrate you right now!


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