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April 12, 2011
An Abundant Mentality: The difference between lack and abundance
June 13, 2011

I just had another realization of how important clarity is to our manifestations. Many of you were a part of the survey that I sent out regarding my new book coming out (thank you again!). My co-author Rebecca and I kept going back and forth about what we wanted to call it. The entire time that we were writing it, the title was Alpha Bitch.

Then we started to get some feedback from people in the industry that they could not endorse the book, because of the word “bitch”. So we started to re-think the book title.

In the grand scheme of things, I know that a book title was the least of my worries, but it was still significant in my goals and desires. It was causing us a little stress from trying to “do the right thing.”

What Rebecca and I realized was that we never had the clarity on our market was. Who did we want reading the book? Who was this book going to really affect and ultimately help?

When I met Ali for my interview, I realized that the “who” is someone like Ali – someone who is not an all-out Alpha *beep*, but someone who does go there on a subtle level, where it does affect her, her relationship, and ultimately what she creates and attracts into her life.

Getting that clarity felt like I was experiencing a cloudy day and then all of a sudden, the clouds left and there was just sunshine!

Clarity about your desires is one of the first things I teach, because if you are focusing on what you want, and you go here and there and then over there, then the Universe does not know what you really want. The Universe supports us all the time, but it makes it so much easier when we, ourselves, are clear.

The fact is that when you have many roads in front of you, and you try to go from one road to the next, you can’t get to your destination. If you pick a road and stick to that path, and your intention and vibration are high, all good things must flow to you.

So if you feel any resistance about anything you are creating in your life, ask yourself if you are clear. Are you clear about the vision? Have you written it down? Can you see yourself achieving/attracting what you want? Can you feel it already in your life?

If you said “no” to any of those questions, it could be that you are not clear. If you really can’t hold a strong, clear vision of what you want, there may be areas that need to be filled in.

When you write down what you want, the minute you write it down, it becomes a manifestation. I never have a goal – or even a desire – that I want to move towards without writing it down. It makes it real in the physical world.

Can you not only hold the vision of what you want, but also see yourself in that vision? If you want a partner, house, car, or job – can you see yourself interacting with that person, living in that house, driving that car, or working in that job? If it is a feeling you want to create, can you connect with it in this moment?

Next month I am going to be writing about feelings – how important they are to manifesting what we want, and how most of us shut ourselves off from our feelings so we don’t know how we actually feel. Can you connect with the feelings you will have?

Having clarity is a large part of creating the life that you want. It is the piece that a lot of people skip over, and then they expect to have what they want manifest. I have been doing this work for fifteen years, and here I was without clarity – feeling stress, anxiety, and totally disconnected to myself, my life, and Source.

Get clear about what you want. Use your emotions as your guide if you are not feeling good about what you want. Ask yourself the questions above and move into that clarity.


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