Magnetic Monday – The Law of Pure Potentiality

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March 6, 2013
Magnetic Monday – Law of Polarity
March 18, 2013

Here’s something to think about: If you were to follow every thought, every feeling, and every intention or desire that you now have or have ever had back to its source, you would arrive at the source of EVERYTHING that exists.

The Law of Pure Potentiality is based on the fact that consciousness itself is the essence of who we are. When we realize that our inner being, the Spirit that animates our minds and bodies, is one of pure potentiality, we are then in alignment with the power that manifests everything in the Universe. Anything is possible, there is endless creativity, and there is no limit to what we can create.

In the next video clip, you’ll learn how to infuse your dreams and desires with energy, and bring them from the realm of potentiality to the realm of reality.

Remember, the universe knows no limits!



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