Why does the Law of Attraction seem to work for some things, but not all things?

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August 8, 2009
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August 22, 2009

Why does the Law of Attraction seem to work for
some things, but not all things?

So if the Law of Attraction works every time for every person, no exceptions, then why do people still have struggle and pain in their lives? Why do some things manifest and others don’t? Why do so many people get so excited about the possibilities when they learn about Law of Attraction only to be disappointed and crushed when what they want doesn’t manifest?

The answer is that your expectations about what you want, your desire, and your imagination all have to be in alignment to bring your manifestations into form. To really create from a space of elegance and grace, where there is minimal effort for maximum results, all three have to be high. You have to have high expectations, increased desires and a very active imagination. The expectations that you have or don’t have are the reason things don’t manifest or not.

Think about expectations as your beliefs, desires as your emotions, and imagination as what you can picture happening in your future. Your desires and imagination pretty much stay consistent. For example, if you want a new job, more money, a new relationship, or to plan a vacation somewhere, those desires are consistent. You want what you want and when you think about it, you feel excited. You can visualize performing at the new job, spending the money, the connection with your new partner, or enjoying your vacation. The desire and imagination can change, but not as dramatic as your expectations about them. Your expectations go up and down so rapidly and they are based on your beliefs.

For example, if you attract something wonderful in your life experience, you get excited, “Yeah, look what I created!” Whatever beliefs you have about having this certain thing in your life then kicks in “I don’t deserve this.” So your expectations go from being high to being very low. It then goes back up, “This is so awesome. I just love the feeling of creating what I want. I feel so empowered.” Then the limiting belief kicks in and says, “This is great, but I am afraid to lose it.” The expectation goes up and down until it settles in to set point.

If your expectations drop about any given subject, your reality of what you can create drops out of your doubt, and this creates distrust. This is where people start to say, “This whole Law of Attraction thing is too good to be true. I knew it wouldn’t work for me.”

How can you work to keep your expectations, desires and imagination high? First, realize that your reality is a product of your consciousness. If you want increased things in your life, such as abundance, you must first increase your consciousness. You must increase your beliefs, understanding, and allowing to the flow of the abundance.

Second, your future creates your present, not the other way around. Your mind is always cycling its air time between the past, the present and the future. To say “just live in the now”, is unrealistic because our brains are not conditioned that way. Instead of trying to work against the natural order of things, work with it. Clear up and release your past, but also work with your future self. If you know you are a deliberate creator, work with that future self that exists and is living the life you desire. This will create happiness in the now.

Third, step into and own your power. Know that you can create with the universe. The universe is always supporting you, no matter what. It is waiting for your vibration so it knows how to support you. When you are in your personal power, you are in one of the highest vibrations of the universe. When you are feeling your power, you are in alignment with God/Goddess/All-that-is and you will create with ease and grace every time.

Fourth, you have to allow miracles to happen in your life. What is a miracle? A miracle is anything that manifests better than you even expected, and whenever you get more than you desired and imagined. These are the times that you are co-creating with your higher self and the universe, and allowing the manifestation to come through. Allow yourself to receive all the miracles that the universe is waiting to bestow upon you.

Finally, realize that all of this material and physical world really is just an illusion. Money, success, abundance, recognition, pain, struggle, fear . . . all of it is just an illusion. It just seems real. The only thing that really exists is our divine connection to God/Goddess/All-That-Is. The only true emotion is love.

One of my clients, Vanessa worked with these principles and recently had a huge success that I would like to share. Vanessa is an amazing violinist and she was graduating from a music school in Montreal. She had horrible stage freight. Even though her desire was high, and she could imagine herself on stage doing really well, her expectations (beliefs) were that she couldn’t perform well, that she would get nervous, mess up and ultimately fail. Her expectations, desires and imagination were not in alignment. Within a few sessions, Vanessa changed her expectations. Frederic and I went and saw her perform and she was AMAZING! Way to go Vanessa!
Christy & Vanessa

If you want to manifest with the ease and grace that is available to you, expect the best to happen, desire what you want with intense feelings, and imagine that you already have what you want. The best is yet to come!


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