abundance consciousness

Having plenty of time, free-flowing money, fulfilling relationships, creative ideas that flow easily… these are all manifestations of abundance.  And all of these experiences are possible for someone who has abundance consciousness.


What is abundance consciousness? 

Most people have collapsed the concept of abundance with the specific condition of having plenty of money.  But true abundance encompasses far more than only material possessions or luxuries.  Satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, ease, happiness, creativity, compassion, freedom, love and well-being… these are all expressions of the essential, internal energy of abundance.  When we deliberately cultivate this energy within ourselves, the external manifestations of abundance flow more easily into our lives. 


Abundance consciousness is our birthright.  It is our divine design.  Because there is no end to the universe we live in, there is no end to the possibilities that we can create for ourselves or our lives.  


This means there is no end – literally an unlimited supply – of the amount of love, prosperity, joy, adventure, clarity, or joy we can experience.  It’s just a matter of how much of that abundance we allow ourselves to claim.   


Here are just a few scientific facts about the abundant universe you were born into:

  • There is so much water combined in the world’s oceans that if you poured it over the United States, it would cover the entire land ninety miles deep.  


  • In the next sixty seconds alone, the sun will generate enough solar power to fill the energy needs of our entire planet for a year.  


  • There are over 200 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, which is just one in hundreds of millions of galaxies.


The concept of lack doesn’t exist anywhere in nature.  The experience of lack is created in our perception.  How we choose to tune our perception determines our experience of reality.  


And so, if you’re perceiving the lack of something you desire, you’ll block yourself from seeing evidence of its abundance.  For example:

  • You cannot hold the perspective that you have a shortage of money and in the same moment manifest prosperity.   
  • You can’t perceive a lack of love in your life and attract more love.  
  • You can’t perceive the world as a hostile place and attract demonstrations of harmony and goodwill.  

You see, most of us perceive that who we are, what we have, and what we’re doing is not enough. When we look at ourselves and our lives, we focus more on what’s missing than on our many blessings.  But, if your perception is that you don’t have enough, you will continue to attract the experience of “not enough.”  Remember, the Law of Attraction brings you evidence of what you’re sending out – whether you want it or not.


When our consciousness is aligned with universal abundance, we realize that we are more than enough.  In this moment, we are perfect, whole and complete just as we are.   


If you take a step back, you’ll quickly see that you have far more sufficiency than lack in your life.   You have plenty more to feel satisfied about than to be dissatisfied about.  You have far more reasons to feel good than to feel bad. 


With just a simple adjustment of focus, you can step into abundance consciousness.   Here are 3 steps for shifting your perspective, and claiming your divine inheritance of abundance:


To step into abundance consciousness, feel gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.  

Reflect on your life as it is at this moment.  What aspects of it do you most appreciate?   How many things are going really well for you?  What and who brings you joy?  Take a moment to thank yourself for having created these things, and to thank the universe for providing them.   As you look for the best aspects in every situation, you begin to attract the best from everyone and everything.   

To step into abundance consciousness, go beyond the “what” to get to the “why.”


Once you’ve identified what you most appreciate, take this a step deeper by asking yourself why.   


For every person, experience, or condition you are grateful for, allow yourself to discover at least 3 reasons why.  For example: “I appreciate my husband for being my safe place to land.  I am grateful for my husband because he always has my back.  I appreciate the way my husband takes care of our family’s well-being.”  Discovering the “why” allows you to access the energy of appreciation, and it’s this energy that brings more abundance into your life.  It’s not necessary to “count” your blessings.  What’s necessary is to feel them, deeply.  


To step into abundance consciousness, choose the lens of abundance on purpose.  


At the beginning of each day, make the decision to look at life through the lens of abundance rather than lack.  Notice the abundance of flowers and trees on your way to work.  Notice the abundance of happy, lighthearted people.  Feel appreciation for the earth and how it’s sustained by sunshine and rain. 

The Law of Attraction will bring you more of what matches your current mood or attitude.  Change the lens through which you are perceiving the world, and you will change your reality entirely.   


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