advanced manifestation technique


What we focus on, we nourish with our energy and invite to become more.  Once we understand this foundational principle of manifestation, we are ready for more advanced manifestation techniques.  One such advanced technique is learning to calibrate our focus in specific ways, depending on the situation we find ourselves.    


Focusing Specifically vs. Focusing Generally 


I’m certain you understand by now that everything in this vibrational universe is made up of energy, and this includes you.  What you consistently focus your energy on, you draw into your life experience – regardless of whether it’s something you want, or not.

There’s a big misconception that to manifest our desires, we need to visualize in very specific terms exactly what we want to create.  This leads us to create vision boards depicting a very specific set of circumstances: The shiny new red Porche, the adoring husband or wife, the lavish vacation… These are all examples of circumstances we conjure when we focus with a lot of specificity on what we desire.   

But here is an advanced manifestation technique that will serve you to commit to memory:  

Specific focus on your desire is only helpful if you feel fantastic while you’re focusing on it.

The moment your specific focus places you in the zone of pipe-dreaming or disbelief, you’re working against the very manifestation you want to create.   In those moments, you’d be better served to pull back from your specific focus and become more general. 

To help you apply this advanced manifestation technique, here a couple of examples of general focus vs. specific focus: 

  • A specific focus regarding money is visualizing your bank account with a $1,000,000 balance.  
  • A general focus regarding money is noticing all the ways you are currently sustained and supported.  You have ready access to an unlimited abundance of fresh air, beauty, and love, for example.    
  • A specific focus regarding health and fitness is conjuring an image of yourself in a bikini or comfortably wearing a smaller size clothing.  
  • A general focus regarding health and fitness is appreciating your body for all of the ways it serves and supports you.

Specific focus summons a faster stream of creative energy, while a general focus slows the movement of this stream way down.  So, whether you choose a specific or general focus all comes down to your capacity to stay in alignment. 

Here are 3 guidelines to help you decide which application of this advanced manifestation technique will hasten the manifestation of your desires: 

Guideline #1: Pay attention to your internal signals of alignment and misalignment.  


When applying this advanced meditation technique, your personal capacity to receive and align with the energy of your desire is the most important factor.  When you summon more energy than you are able to receive, you feel overwhelmed, and the results you desire don’t unfold smoothly.   

The rule of thumb is this: if thinking in specific terms thrills you or fills you with hope, then, by all means, keep it up. But the moment you feel yourself tipping into doubt or frustration, pull back your specific focus and become more general.  Back away from the cliff, so to speak, and turn your attention to something unrelated.  


Guideline #2:  Respect the moment-by-moment balance between your desire and your belief. 


When you have the strong desire but a weak belief, a general focus is your best manifestational ally.  This is because if you continue to focus specifically when your belief is faltering, you will only amplify your disbelief. 

But if on the other hand, you have a strong desire and an equally strong belief, you can afford to focus more specifically.  

You can actually reshape your beliefs by consciously applying this advanced manifestation technique.  As you gift yourself with the feeling of relief that comes with general focus, you become instantly more allowing.  


Guideline #3:  When in doubt, turn your focus towards the essence of your desire. 


Beneath every specific manifestation that we desire, we are hoping to feel a certain way.  And while it may take some practice to know when to focus generally vs. specifically, it always feels good to focus on the feeling essence of your desire.

Just ask yourself, “How do I believe I will feel once I’ve accomplished ______?”  Then fill yourself up with that feeling, right now.

When our energy is in alignment with our desire, that desire simply must manifest.  It’s just the way the laws of the universe work.  And when our energy is misaligned, that’s when we manifest obstacles, roadblocks, delays…  The wise creator knows this, and releases specific focus when it no longer serves them.

Remember the universe does not respond to the images we hold.  The universe – and all the energy in it – responds to our vibration.  Your feelings hold the key. 




The Desire Factor Bonuses

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