House Of Preeminence – Quantum Energy Mastery

House Of Preeminence – Quantum Energy Mastery

WOW, I am SO Honored to be featured and on the cover of House of Preeminence!

Jenni P and I explored what quantum energy is and how it is essential to understand and leverage it to make the shifts we dream of.
House of Preeminence is the most beautiful High-Vibe, Holistic Success and Feminine High Performance for change-makers. It’s been dubbed ‘The Vogue of Feminine High Performance and received many other accolades from leading influencers!
Showcasing a curated list of world-class leaders and influencers, the magazine shares the wisdom, skills, experiences, stories, and practices of some of the most pioneering, influential, and maverick feminine achievement experts in the world today.
The ‘Wellness, Wildness and Woo’ issue will absolutely enchant you with its rich array of vibe-boosting images. The magazine will serenade you with a song of your highest life, lived in vitality, beauty, and the abundance of the bounty that autumn and winter bring.
Oozing with warm and healing copper and wood tones, you’ll be able to benefit from the power of our color palette and be inspired to embellish your home and self as a reflection of all that is glorious about nature in this season.
Dripping with wisdom on heeding your wild great nature, this month’s content will warm your heart like chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The Preeminence Posse has brought you tales of transformation to inspire your journaling and winter meditations.

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Unlimited Potential Through The Law Of Attraction – Secrets Of Success Podcast

Bill Horan interviewed me for The Secrets Of Success Podcast We discussed how you have unlimited potential, why the obstacle to success is not time or money but the way we think, how each setback gives us clarity and a new direction. We also talked about how thoughts and beliefs, even if false, can be made the truth if you affirm them.

To listen to the podcast click here or on the image below.