don’t feel like doing something

Few things are more uncomfortable than the feeling of not wanting to do something you think you “should” do.  It’s so uncomfortable because when we’re in conflict within ourselves, this translates as chaos in our energy fields.  

So, how can you know when it’s wisest to move forward into action, and when it’s best to surrender and not to act? These 3 energy mastery practices will help you to decide.

Energy Mastery Practice #1:  Make your internal alignment your first priority.

When we’re energetically aligned with an outcome we want to create, taking action feels amazing.  Think about waking up early on a day you’re leaving for an exotic vacation.  Or receiving a call from a dear friend you’ve been eager to talk with.   

You’re pulled to take these actions because your internal energy is aligned with them.  In fact, staying in bed and missing the flight, or not answering the phone call would feel deeply uncomfortable.  Why?  Because the energies of your thoughts, your expectations, and your desires are all flowing in a particular direction.  And acting in opposition to that energy flow never feels good.

Now consider those times in life when you don’t feel like doing something you think you should do.  You know, the chore you dread having to do or the phone call you’ve been putting off.  

It may surprise you to learn that the discomfort you feel when you think of taking unwanted actions has nothing to do with the actions themselves. 

It has only to do with your internal state of alignment or misalignment in relation to them. 

So the first thing to consider when you’re faced with something you don’t want to do is your current state of alignment.   If the action you’re contemplating evokes confusion, overwhelm or resistance, it’s wise not to override or oppose that energy.  Making alignment your top priority means taking the time to release the resistant energy before moving forward.  And this brings us to the next energy mastery practice. 

Energy Mastery Practice #2:  Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel your own resistant energy.  

Lots of us were taught to move through resistance, rather than to acknowledge or have compassion for it.   Common sayings like “Grin and bear it,” “Suck it up,” or “Feel the fear and do it anyway” attest to this.  But when you move into action while in a state of resistance, your actions rarely yield desirable results.  

You might begrudgingly take action on cleaning the garage, but end up breaking something or making even more of a mess.  You can make the phone call even though you’re in a bad mood, but chances are good that the conversation will go sideways.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration, not to your actions. 

When your personal vibration is in chaos, you magnetize more chaos to yourself, no matter how meticulous your actions. 

And so, step two in evaluating whether to do something you don’t feel like doing is to check in with your level of resistance.  If contemplating that action brings up doubtful or negative thoughts, acknowledge these.  If you feel tightness in your body or a drop in your mood, notice and embrace these sensations. These fluctuations in your energy field are simply a manifestation of misalignment, and by welcoming these sensations you allow them to dissolve and be released.

Use your breath to bring awareness and compassion to any areas of tightness, and simply be with whatever sensations arise.  You’ll discover that it only takes 90 seconds of attention to your discordant thoughts and emotions for this energy to begin to dissipate. 

Energy Mastery Practice #3:  Align yourself – in thought, emotion, and energy – with whatever decision you make.  

Sometimes, taking the previous two steps will cause a dramatic enough shift in your energy that you authentically feel like taking the previously unwanted action.  If this is the case, commit yourself to that action, and focus yourself on the best possible outcome you hope to create.   At other times, however, your resistance is strong enough that you simply cannot align yourself in that moment with the action.  

Whatever your experience, allow it to be okay.  Acknowledge to yourself that there is a time for taking action and a time for surrendering.  Energy ebbs and flows, just like the tides rise and fall.  There is no need to push the river, and no need to force yourself into action when your energy is not aligned. 

Just bide your time, be compassionate with yourself, and wait for the inspiration to act to arise.  

Going with the flow of inspired action is leveraging universal energy; that’s why it feels more like play than work. In a state of alignment and in the absence of resistance, easily and joyfully get more done with less time and effort.



Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  Her latest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is on sale now at Christy communicates with, and for, The Quantum Council, a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success, and loving relationships. You can take the first step in aligning with and creating your desires by participating in a free 30-day program called Watch Your Words: Click here to learn more;