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Universal law is the hidden mechanism that governs everything in our physical world.  And alignment is the universal principle that explains phenomena like good luck, coincidences, and what we think of as miracles.   In fact, alignment is the secret sauce that underlies virtually every type of success.  


Think about the musician who writes a Grammy-winning song in minutes. Or the scientist who sits down to sketch an idea and ends up making a massive breakthrough.  Or taking a different route on a whim and meeting up with someone you’ve been wanting to connect with. We chalk experiences like this up to coincidence or good luck, but they’re the natural result of alignment.   


Alignment = Flow = Good Luck, Coincidences & Miracles 


When we’re aligned we enter a flow state that allows us to recognize the clues that are always being offered to us.  In our neutrality and non-resistance, we’re more receptive to the good ideas floating out there in the quantum field.  


Oprah Winfrey has described good luck as “preparedness meeting with opportunity.” And being in a state of alignment is the ultimate preparation.  It’s what allows us to see the opportunities that are always unfolding before us.  


Here are 5 energy mastery practices to intentionally put yourself in a state of alignment so you can recognize the universal clues all around you. 


To attract good Luck, coincidences & miracles, give up complaining.  


Complaining about where we are blinds us to all the clues, open doors, and potential connections that are all around us. They are always there, but in our funk – which is to say, in our mindset of lack and limitation – we miss them.   


If you think about, talk about, and forecast about everything that could go wrong, you’re preparing yourself for a miserable experience.  So instead, take that same focus and use it to prepare yourself to receive inspiration about your desires.


To attract good Luck, coincidences & miracles, adopt the mindset that things are always working out for you.  


When things don’t unfold according to your desires, take the case that it’s not because you have done something wrong. It is only a matter of alignment, and alignment is a moment-by-moment practice that you can always attain.  Closed doors and delays are not mistakes or wrong turns, but feedback from the universe that we need to further clarify our own energy field.  


To attract good Luck, coincidences & miracles, hold a soft intention about what you desire to create.  


Intense desire introduces unwanted stress.  If you’ve ever wanted something and wanted it now, you know it comes with some degree of angst and resistance.  But, a soft, general intention about the way you want to feel summons powerful creative energy without the discomfort.  


For example, “I desire clarity, fun, adventure, connection. I desire to feel that I am loved and taken care of.”  These are all excellent soft intentions to hold, because you are letting the universe know what you want, but not trying to control the who, when, where or how.  


To attract good Luck, coincidences & miracles, ponder your general desire until you can feel the correlating energy begin to stir within you.  


The universe responds to your energy.  And the way you guide the energy that comes to you is by mastering the energy that you are outputting.  


So if it’s a feeling of fun or ease you desire to create, recall experiences from your past that were fun or easy. And continue to do this until you feel a shift in your frequency.   


If you desire to create something that you’ve never before experienced, then use your power of focus to imagine just what that experience would feel like.  Do anything within your power to generate a sensation of movement within your energy field.  


To attract good luck, coincidences & miracles, remember that there are no miracles, or coincidences.  


What we call coincidence is simply a coming together of harmonic frequencies.  Harmonize yourself with the frequencies you desire to populate in your life, then adjust your focus to observe everything that aligns with that. You will soon discover that things you formerly called coincidences are happening all around you.  And in your state of alignment, you will be in a position to synch up with them.  


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